The Olympics: Part 2

For week two of the Olympics, Jason and his friend went to watch the Beach Volleyball at Horse Guard’s Parade. And I met up with them afterwards to check out BT Live at Hyde Park. It was amazing, five screens all showing different events. Although everyone just focused on the 100m Men’s Final.

The next day, was a big one of us. The day we got to go to the Olympics Park! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go to the Stadium, as we had tickets to the Basketball. We did, however, get to see the US “Dream Team.” Now I did joke on twitter beforehand that “everything I knew about basketball was from One Tree Hill.” So I got a little primer from Jason to the tube.

I won’t bore you with my squealing about wonderful the park is. But I will mention that is was huge! When we first entered the park, the sign sayin it was a 20-minute walk to the Basketball Arena. Which we thought was an over exaggeration. But it was! In fact, it took us a lot longer as we kept stopping to take photos.

Basketball Arena - Olympics 2012

The next few days, I settled into a routine of watching trails in the morning. Stopping for lunch, housework and some fresh air. And then back in front of the TV for the evening sessions. When Jason had a day off, we did head back to Hyde Park. You guessed it to sit in the park and watch more sport!

Football Final - London 2012

Our final event of the Olympics was the Football Final, back at Wembley. As Team GB got knocked out early on in the competition. We were excited to see Brazil and Mexico play and attended the game as neutrals. Although I think I was secretly supporting Mexico as we went there on holiday. To be honest, all I wanted to see was a Medal Ceremony – it was almost as exciting as the game.

I can’t actually believe it’s over! What an amazing 16 days, I am so proud of my city and country!