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100 Cups of Coffee
#100cupsofcoffee No.1

After saying I didn’t want to include photos of my coffee mug at home in this project. I broke the rule on the first day! I’d already cleared my schedule for the day to read the Star Wars prequel book on the day it was released in the UK. So I started the day in bed reading a few chapters with my morning coffee.

In Pho Cafe.

My second coffee was also a little unconventional. Pho Cafe has recently become my to-go place for lunch. There is something nice about a bowl of spicy noodles on a colder day. Normally I finish my meal with a Vietnamese coffee (with the condensed milk). But as we went on Saturday and I didn’t have to worry about working in the afternoon. This time I thought I would try their Cà Phê Martini (made with clear rice spirit instead of vodka).


Last week was pretty miserable weather wise here in London. Loads of rain and the temperatures were definitely dropping. Twice this week, I nearly got caught in a heavy downpour. First whilst out to lunch with friends and the second time when I popped to the shops. This time to avoid more rain I ducked into Starbucks to celebrate the start of autumn with a PSL.

Coffee & Ice Cream

On Friday, I had an afternoon to myself so went to Covent Garden. For my monthly comic book buying trip to Forbidden Planet. It was the first time since Force Friday,  In the store I was completely shocked by all the new Star Wars merchandise. I could have easily spend a small fortune. But I refrained and instead popped into Vico a new Italian canteen nearby for coffee and ice cream. I wanted the pumpkin ice cream but after a quick taster, I changed my mind. (It tasted more like butternut squash soup). And instead had a “snickers” ice cream.

Coffee Date

Oddly, Jason doesn’t drink coffee. Whilst one of my favourite things is popping out for coffee he often complains that “no coffee house do decent tea.” Or “they serve tea in tiny little cups!” As a result, a coffee date is a rare occasion for us. As we were free on Sunday, it became an impromptu date to Starbuck. And he ordered drink a Venti tea with two tea bags (and didn’t complain) and I had yet another PSL.

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