Herd of Elephants

Flo the Elephant

I finally finished all my elephants. And they are safely at their new homes. So I figured it was time to post some photos of my finished projects.

Flo the Elephant

First up, Flo from Knitty. I moaned before about the sewing involved in this pattern as it takes as much time as the knitting. But it does look amazing when finished.

Flo Tail

One thing, I love using the contrasting colour for the stitching on the ears and feet. Which I also added to the tail to add to the hand-made look.

Elijah Twins Elephants

The other patterns I have knit has been Elijah by Ysolda. This pattern is the complete opposite as it involves no seaming. It’s all knit on the round with picked up stitches.


Like with all of Ysolda’s patterns the attention to detail is amazing. Each increase or decrease stitch is part of a design. The increases in the head form the guidelines of the faces. And the decreases in the foot forming this circular pattern.

Elijah - Foot