5FF: Funko Friday

The Funko I Want Most for Christmas

I have taken a break from Five Fandom Friday. As I don’t really have time to blog regularly during the holiday season. When I saw Funko Friday’s theme for today was The Funko I Want Most for Christmas, I thought I would join in.

I don’t really have a large Pop Vinyl collection. If I see one I love I buy it. So my wish list is mainly rare or limited edition figures I have seen online.

1. “Metallic Black” Batgirl (SDCC 2010 Exclusive)

I can’t seem to find a photo of this version but I know it exists
I have the regular Batgirl Pop! figure, along with the Dorbz and Mopeez ones. This metallic black version is closer to the costume from the comic. I am hoping they do a version with the purple and yellow costume from the Batgirl of Burnside comic.

2. Unmasked Captain America (ToyMatrix.com Exclusive)

Unmasked Capt America

There seems to be a lot more Marvel Funkos than DC. (I am guessing this will change with the release of the films next year). There have been several Captain America figures. One for each film, but this unmasked version from The Winter Solider is my favourite. He just looks so “all American hero.”

3. Black Widow with Shield (Gamestop Exclusive)

Black Widow

Again this is a variation of the Avengers: Age of Ultron figure, but this time with the shield. I adored the scene in the movie when Black Widow rides in to “pick up after the boys” and this figure reminds me of this scene.

4. Director Coulson With Lola

Coulson and Lola

This one isn’t really a limited edition figure. Instead one of the “Ride” figures. Agent Coulson was one of the coolest characters in the MCU and in Agents of SHEILD he got cooler with the addition of his flying car!

5. Eleventh Doctor (Fez) (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Doctor with Fez

Eleven will always be my favourite Doctor (I just adore Matt Smith). He is the guy who taught us Bow Ties were cool, he also saved the world whilst carrying a mop and wearing a fez (which is also cool).

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