Christmas Eve Box

From October onwards my Pinterest feed becomes full of ideas for Elf on a Shelf or Christmas Eve boxes. Which is great if you have children, not so much if you don’t. But not to be outdone last year, I put together a Christmas Eve box for adults. Instead of cookies we get cocktails!

Our Christmas Eve traditions changed a few years ago. Before that, it was a night of revelling with old friends. Catching up on the last 12 months and unwinding after the weeks of stressing out. Now it’s spend relaxing at home. The calm before the storm, we have a ready meal or take away. And watch a Muppet’s Christmas Carol and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Christmas Eve box 2014

So last year I brought those movies on DVD. And created a little box along with some popcorn, a new decoration for our tree and a Christmas candle. Of course, no Christmas Eve box is complete without a new set of pyjamas. This year, I am continuing the tradition but adding a little geeky feel.

Christmas Eve Box

Pajamas (primark) // Ornament
Popcorn Box// candle // cocktails

Primark seems to have licensing deals with most pop culture franchise. Which means they have a great selection of geeky pyjamas. It’s often hard to pick my favourite ones.

Have you noticed how nearly every geeky Christmas gift guide has included this amazing BB-8 ornament? And I can see why it’s too cute, (wasn’t the little droid the cutest thing you’ve ever seen). Finally, I’ve become obsessed with the pre-mixed cocktails from Marks & Spencers. I’ve yet to try the espresso martini version (I’m saving that for tomorrow), but I love the mince pie martini – best served really cold over ice.

Merry Christmas!

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