5FF: Fictional Food


Favorite Fictional Foods

  1. Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory)
    If I were to be let loose in a chocolate factory. I am not sure where I would start, but I do love the idea of different flavours of chewing gum. No one likes it when your gum loses its flavour. But replacing it with another flavour, that would be amazing.
  2. Apollo Bar (Lost and Once Upon a Time)
    These chocolate bars seem to show up in several television shows, dark chocolate with filled with nuts. They seem to be the chocolate bars that adventurers carry with them when travelling to magical islands or other realms.
  3. Chocolate Frogs (Harry Potter)
    There is so much food from the Harry Potter world I’d love to try. But honestly, the idea of getting a magical card along with my chocolate was the clincher here! Imagine collection Wizard cards!
  4. Slusho (Cloverfield)
    The fictional Japanese slush drink that has cameo appearances in all of J.J. Abrams work. And even showed up in an episode of Heroes, rumour has it drink even makes an appearance in The Force Awakens.
  5. Coffee from the Double R (Twin Peaks)
    I know coffee isn’t a fictional food. As a coffee addict, the idea of trying a “damn fine coffee,” had to make me add it to the list.

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