Five Fandom Friday: 5 OTPs

Five Fandom Friday - My OTP!

This is my Missed One, a catch up post for the beginning of March (last week). As I am taking about relationship of my OTP, obviously, this will contain spoilers.


1. Barbara Gordon & Richard Grayson (DC Comics)

Batgirl & Grayson

Whether this couple is known as Batgirl and Robin, or Oracle and Nightwing. They are my ultimate pairing, “my first OTP.” Over the years, we have seen them go through a lot! Her accident, the death of their mentor and even him faking his own death. Last year, there were some amazing storylines involving these two. The Convergence storyline, his return to Gotham. And although in Future’s End it seems they are no longer romantically linked. I am hoping the new Rebirth later this year may rewrite their future together.

2. Logan & Veronica (Veronica Mars)

Logan and Veronica
Image: © Warner Bros.

I’m going to call these two my “the happy ever after couple.” In the television series, I was always Team Logan. Even though he was very immature in high school and still not ready to commit in college. In the movie, he had grown up. The movie was the perfect ending for True LoVe shippers, plus we got to see Logan in his uniform!

3. Rory & Jess (Gilmore Girls)

Rory and Jess
 Image: © Warner Bros.

I’m referring to this couple as my “hope I get a happy ending couple.” Like Logan Echelles in Veronica Mars, Jess was too immature in their relationship to realise what he had. When he had grown up it was Rory who was in the wrong place. As the new miniseries is going to air on Netflix later this year, I am hoping these two will finally get together.

4. Han & Leia (Star Wars)

Han and Leia
Image: © Lucasfilm

I invested a lot of time reading the Star Wars Expanded Universe books, I liked Han and Leia as a married couple, and even more as parents. When I heard about Episode 7 (which would later become The Force Awakens), I was excited to see Han and Leia as husband and wife, I imagined little Skywalker/Solo children – I was thinking a mini Leia with pigtails. Whilst The Force Awakens didn’t disappoint, theirs wasn’t the happy ending I was hoping for.

5. Wash & Zoe (Firefly)

Wash and Zoe
Image: © Fox

Over thirteen episodes and a movie, it was impossible not to fall for this dysfunctional couple. Maintaining their romantic relationship onboard Serenity, surrounded by all the waifs and strays. Whereas Mal and Inara are the parents of the crew, Wash and Zoe are the loved-up cool aunt and uncle. Again they did not have the happy ending, I would have liked for this couple.

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Featured Image: © Lucasfilm