(P)inspirational – Bookmarks


Following on from my gifts for book lovers post last month, I thought I would list some fun tutorials for bookmarks, I found on Pinterest.

Origami Bookmark
Origami Bookmark Tutorail

Origami Bookmark
I would list my origami skill set as an absolute beginner. At best I can manage a crane and heart. But I dream of being able to make an X-wing figure!  I think this tutorial for a cute cat bookmark/page marker, might be great for a beginner like me.

Cross Stitch Bookmark
Cross Stitch Bookmark Pattern

Cross Stitch Bookmark
I have always loved Subversive Cross Stitch. Their cute designs take traditional cross-stitching themes and add some not so traditional ideas! I think this pattern would also look amazing in a frame on a bookshelf or in a reading nook. Which is available to buy as a PDF

Book Scarf
Hogwarts Houses Book Scarf Knitting Pattern

Knitted Book Scarf
Finally, I had to include a Harry Potter themed bookmark. Like these book-scarves. Knitted with DMC pearl cotton and small needles. The great thing is the colours can easily be adapted. So you can have any of the houses at Hogwarts or even a Doctor Who scarf.

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Featured Image from Pixabay.