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100 Cups of Coffee
Cold Brew

During the summer in the afternoon. I like to switch my coffee for a frappé or ice coffee. In recent years this has become a cold brew. Starbucks has started selling its version in the U.K. It is an interesting healthier addition to the summer menu. Especially as I’m trying to cut down my sugar consumption.

Marble Table

Over the last few months, I have loved toying with my camera. I have brought several books and have read about composition and trends. Since then I have taken a lot of cliché photographs. My feet on patterned floors, manicured nails holding a nail varnish bottle. And cups of coffee on a marble table #latteart.

Spring Coffee

Adding to this I have become one of those people who grab my camera when the sun comes out to take a few photos. We are lucky enough to have a large park and river walk near our house. Which seem to be my go-to place to experiment with settings on my camera. But also explore the different coffee stores.

Tsum Tsum & Coffee

Recently, I have started collecting Tsum Tsum. After nearly missing out on a complete Star Wars set. I popped down to the mall on “Tsum Tsum Tuesday” when the “Episode One” collection was released. The Jar Jar version had already sold out at lunchtime! But I managed to get all the ones I wanted including the Queen Amidala.

Coffee & Cake

My sister and I planned a mini staycation in April. We used this opportunity to explore some of our favourite neighbourhoods in London. Do some shopping, and checking out some local cafés for coffee and cake!

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Featured Image from Pixabay.