Star Wars Celebration 2016: Day 1

Star Wars Celebration
Star Wars Celebration

Over the years, I have had awful envy (or Con-Envy), when it comes to conventions. Whether it is San Diego Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration or D23. I sit at home and watch all the live streaming. (Which often ends up being late at night because of the time difference). I dream I could be there. I get jealous of all the exclusive clips fans there get to see, I admiring all the cosplay and I flick through the photo people share on social media, thinking one day.

Now, turn back the clock to last April. I was watching the live stream of the Closing Ceremony of Star Wars Celebration. They announced Celebration 2016 would be in London, in my home town! No longer would I have Con-Envy, I could now be one of those people posting photos online! Within 24 hours I had ordered three-day passes for Jason and I, exchanged several messages with friends about all the plans we were going to have to make and started a SWCE merchandise fund.

Then finally, last week it arrived! I picked up our tickets from the event before the big day, so we could have a later start of the first day. The downside to this was that we missing out on getting wristbands for the Rogue One panel.  On the plus side, we avoided a lot of the queues. Although we still had to queue for over 30 minutes to get our bags searched and then we walked straight in.

Day One

Star Wars Celebration
Ahsoka: Untold Tales Panel

Once inside we headed straight for the “Ahsoka: Untold Tales” panel. Jason and I both love The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels. Snips, is definitely our favourite character, so the idea of hearing more about her from the creators excited us.

Star Wars Celebration
Concept Art of Baby Ahsoka

This panel did not disappoint, they discussed the early planning stages of creating her character, where they saw the character going if The Clones Wars had future seasons and hinted at a possible return of Ahsoka. They also announced a book based on her time between, Clone Wars and Rebels (including what how she survived Order 66) and probably the most exciting thing a Ahsoka Pop Vinyl figure!

Star Wars Celebration
Concept Art of an unreleased scene when Anakin is reunited with “Snips”

Rogue One

This years, Celebrations was all about Rogue One, It was the largest panel on the first day. There was also an amazing exhibition showing off all the costumes, and some props from the film (including the new TIE Stikers ships). We spend the remained of our morning looking at the exhibit and then paused for lunch.

Star Wars Celebration
Director Orson Krennic Costume

For lunch we meet up with some friends in the bar area. There we once again had to queue, this time for over 45 minutes to get served. Then rushed eating and drinking to watch the streaming of the panel.

It wouldn’t seem right to talk about Day One without mentioning the amazing footage of Rogue One. I loved all of it especially, the clip of Canary Wharf tube station being transferred into the set overnight for filming.