Star Wars Celebration 2016: Day 2

Before I start talking about our experiences on Day 2 to Star Wars Celebration. I want to talk about my outfit, I don’t normally do “what I wore today” type posts. But I felt this outfit warranted an Outfit of the Day post on Instagram.

Jacket || Skirt || Converse || Camera Bag

The jacket was actually a last minute purchase from Her Universe, but when it arrived I fell in love. This outfit was meant to be wore at Celebration, it is definitely something I that will translate into my everyday wardrobe.  

Day Two

Star Wars Celebration
Star Wars Propel TIE Fighter

Now on to the actual day. Jason and I spent the majority of the day just “walking” the convention floor. The previous day we had missed out an entire section of Celebration, so our aim in the morning was to see as much as possible. We stopped by the R2 Builders Club, to see the fan built robots – including an amazing Lego BB-8. Then was watched the High-Performance RC demonstrations, where they re-enacted the destruction of the Death Star with amazing remote control ships. I would love an X-Wing model for Christmas.

Star Wars Celebration
Lego “Robot” BB-8

Of course, one of the main things to do at Star Wars Celebration is to shop. There were hundreds of stalls selling all kinds of Star Wars merchandise. Everything from teapots to duvets, books to computer games and lots of wonderful figures. You maybe tempted into thinking shopping is a fun away to avoid queuing but you would be wrong, the average queuing time for the official Celebration store was 90 minute!

Star Wars Celebration
Waxwork Model on Rey

Rather than pause of lunch, we grabbed a snack and ate in the back of the Madame Tussaud’s panel. I had been to Madame Tussaud last summer, but it was interesting to hear all about the process of making the figures and sets. This also gave us the chance to preview the new Rey figure, which will be released later this year.

Star Wars Celebration
Model of the ANA Star Wars Jet

The big news on Day Two come from the Star Wars: Rebel panel. The re-introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn to the Star Wars Canon. Whilst at university I used to read the Expanded Universe books, this was pre-Episode One, reading these books was my only link to the Star Wars Universe. In these books Thrawn was the perfect post-Emperor villain, so I am pleased to see him back.

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