Star Wars Celebration 2016: Day 3

For our last day at Star Wars Celebration, we headed to the Excel Centre early, to collect our wristbands for the Closing Ceremony. Rather than waiting in the long morning queue, Jason and I had breakfast in the local pub. Where our friend Matt joined us. As Matt had an appointment to get inked at the Tattoo Pavilion. He too had to be at there bright and early.

Once inside the Convention, Matt had a quick chat with Adam Guy Hays (the tattooist). Jason and I chatted to a journalist from The Verge, who would be live-streaming the tattooing on their Facebook page. (You can see the highlights and finished tattoo here).

Star Wars Celebration
Peter Mayhew

Whilst Matt got this tattoo, Jason and I meet up with his family. It was nice to experience Celebration with children, like me they adored the Lego play area. They also had a lot of fun looking at all the Star Wars themed art (they are both budding artists).

Star Wars Celebration
Dave Filoni

We ended the day, and our Celebration experience by watching the Closing Ceremony. I am obviously excited for the release of Episode VIII next year. It was also fun to finally get official confirmation that Alden Ehrenreich will be playing the young Han Solo.

When I began talking about my Star Wars Celebration experience I mentioned how I had Con-Envy at the when I see social media posts about other people’s convention adventures. The truth is I still had some Con-Envy even though I attended Celebration. There was so much going on we missed out on so much. Whilst we queued for the official store, our friends got to watch Mark Hamill take-over the Star Wars Livestream. We had to watch the record version of the Rogue One panel, when we got home. We even learned on social media Ash (one of my favourite bands) had played a Star Wars themed gig, as a pre-Celebration party. Whilst it was a wonderful experience and one I look forward to doing again, I guess I will always Con-Envy, as everyone experiences will be very different.

Star Wars Celebration
Some of my favourite Cosplay from Celebration