Lumpy Space Princess

6 on 6 – Purple

Normally, before starting a 6 on 6 challenge I have a chat with Jason about the theme for the month. We did the same for the purple photos. We each think of a few obvious ideas for each colour theme and then set about taking the photos.

6 on 6 purple
Purple and Geeky?

For this month, we talked about a few famous purple themes, Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time or Count von Count from Sesame Street. Then I went on a hunt for some purple geeky stuff for my purple photos. I couldn’t find a purple Tsum Tsum or Funko figure. In fact, all I could find was a purple cape on my Batgirl keyring.

When I talked with Jason at my surprise, that I couldn’t find anything purple. Jason was shocked, he stated that our “wedding colour” was purple. It was probably the only time he wore purple!

After that instead of looking for more items to photograph. I ended up spending hours on my laptop looking through wedding photos! So this month’s 6 on 6 was an epic fail! I have one photo and published my blog post a day late.

6 on 6

6 on 6 is a monthly photography challenge started by the Scruffy Little Nerd Herder #6on6

Featured Image: © Cartoon Network