Monday Musing: Agatha Christie

Monday Musing

After the Murder on the Orient Express trailer appeared online last week, I discovered a group of fellow Agatha Christie fans on Twitter. All of us are excited about the new movie. Here, I’m not going to focus on the trailer too much.  Just to say, the setting looks amazing, and the cast is epic. Personally, I am just not sure I can accept anyone other than David Suchet in the role of Hercule Poirot, but we will see. However, inspired by a conversation I had with Cuteek, I thought I would tell you why you should become an Agatha Christie fan!

Geeks Guide to Agatha Christie

You might think Agatha Christie is all about old boring novels and period dramas. And not really a thing for geeks! Well, I am here to convince you otherwise! Firstly, several of Christie’s novels have computer game versions. Secondly, there is even an anime series based on some of the characters. Finally, Christie’s own life also included a mystery, her disappearance in 1926. Which featured in the Doctor Who episode “The Unicorn and The Wasp.”

Agatha Christie Statue

Most people will know the TV adaptations of Christie’s work. Of course, the most famous adaptations is the BBC version of Miss Marple with Joan Hickson. Which serialised all 12 of the Miss Marple stories. Next up is the ITV version Poirot, with David Suchet in the lead role. Over the years, they adapted all 70 of books and short stories featuring the detective over the 13 seasons.  As both these adaptation series stay true to the source material, and as a result, I would highly recommend them.

It is worth noting with all the adaptations Christie’s work is often altered. For example, the classic Murder at the Gallop is a re-telling of Death after the Funeral. Changing the protagonist from Marple for Poirot. Likewise, the ITV remakes of Marple updates a lot of the story for modern audiences. These adaptations also take other classic Christie novels and insert Marple into the storyline. The Murder is Easy or The Sittaford Mystery episodes do this. Other times, a Christie story is reworked into a new story. Noteworthy is the 2003 film Identity,  this psychological thriller is a re-telling of And Then There Were None.

In these TV series many “geeky” actors appear. Three episodes that are worth watching are the Marple version of Murder is Easy, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch. The Poirot episodes to look out for are, Wasp Nest, which stars a very young Peter Capaldi and Death after the Funeral featuring Micheal Fassbender.

Do you like Agatha Christie? What is you favourite book? Are you looking forward to the movie? I’d love to hear your comments.

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