Pinspiration – Game of Thrones

Can you believe the final season of Game of Thrones starts next week? To celebrate the start of season eight. I thought I would put together one of my Pinspiration posts. This time based on Game of Thrones fibre crafts.

House Targaryen Cross Stitch Banner
Cross Stitch by Lolita Made via Etsy.

Ever since I saw the Game of Thrones Tapestry, I have wanted to sew my own house banner. Lolita Made has a great collection of cross stitch patterns for several houses from Westeros, like this House Targaryen one. She also has designed patterns for the smaller houses like Arryn or Seaworth.

House Stark Cushion
House Stark Cushion pattern by Dycas via Etsy

Personally, I can’t knit whilst I watch Game of Thrones. However, if you can and are looking for a themed project. How about the House Stark Cushion? Whilst you would have to concentrate when knitting the fair-isle direwolf section. The majority of this project is simple stocking stitch which is easy to knit whilst watching TV.

Game of Thrones Scarf
Scarf by Kamidake Fiber Arts

Alternatively, you could knit the Winter in Coming scarf, by Kamidake Fiber Arts. Whilst technically, it will be summer by the time this season finishes. I am sure love for this fandom will not die down. So I am sure you would get a lot of wear for this scarf when ‘winter is here’.

Amigurumi Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon by Crocheted by Rikki via Etsy

Finally, I had to include a baby dragon! I love the idea of making an amigurumi dragon or direwolf. Crocheted by Rikki designed this cute version of Rhaegal as a baby. Of course, the pattern can easily be adapted to black for Drogon or white for Viserion. You could even add the blue eyes to Viserion making him a white-walker dragon.

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