Pinspiration – Pokemon

As the Pokémon: Detective Pikachu movie is being released on Friday, I thought I would put together another Pinspiration post, based on everyone’s favourite pocket monsters. On Pinterest, you can find a ton of interesting Pokémon-themed crafts aimed for children. But what about more grown-up fans of the fandom. I am talking about those of us who watched the original anime series, played Red and Blue on the Gameboy and who continued playing Pokémon Go and didn’t move onto the next fad. I wanted to hunt down some fun recipes for those fans! So these are all recipes I found on Pinterest for adult fans of Pokémon!

Grookey Smoothie Bowl
Grookey Smoothie Bowl by Fiction Food

You could argue part of being a grown-up is having to make sensible choices for breakfast. No more, sugary cereals instead you should have smoothie bowls or overnight oats. But there is no reason your smoothie bowl cannot be fun! Over on the Fiction Food blog, they have created a cute Pokémon smoothie bowl based on Grookey. One of the starter Pokémon from the upcoming Sword and Sheild game.

Pokémon Cake pops
Cake Pops by Feeriecake

On Pinterest I found hundreds of different Pokémon themed birthday cakes. I seemed to be a very popular party theme for 8-year-olds! But what about treats for us older fans with a sweet tooth. I discovered a lot of poké-ball cupcakes. But what I really liked was these cake-pops from Feeriecake. The instructions are in French however, Google translate did a pretty good translation job!

Pokémon Macarons
Pokémon Macarons by Sumopocky

Technically, macarons can be for any age. I tend to think of them as a grown-up treat (from somewhere lush like Ladurée). Sumopocky designed these super kawaii Pokémon macarons. She has written out very details instructions and put together a little video, to help get the designs right. Unfortunately, she didn’t include a tutorial for a Bulbasaur, but I don’t think he would be too hard to re-create so you can have all of the Kanto starter Pokémon.

Ivysaur Cocktail
Ivysaur Cocktail by The Bartender School

Finally, I had to include a cocktail (or five). The Bartender School have created several amazing Pokémon themed cocktails. I picked the Ivysaur to include here as it’s my favourite, It just looks so amazing, with the pink rose to represent the little bud on his back. However, the site also has recipes for other amazing cocktails including an Eggnog Exeggcute served in eggshells.