100 Scoops of Ice Cream 1-5

Coffee & Ice Cream

Where: Duci London
What I had: Gelato & Coffee
For my first ice cream, I wanted to find a place that served both ice cream and coffee. So, I could visually, pass the baton from the 100 cups of coffee project to this new ice cream project. Online, I discovered a local Italian store, that served both decent coffee and gelato. As they also have an amazing array of ice cream desserts, I think Duci will definitely be appearing on the 100 scoops list again.

Coffee Gelato

Where: Snowflake Gelato (South Kensington)
What I had: Coffee Gelato
One of the reasons I started this project was due to all the amazing ice creams I had seen on Instagram. Especially themed ice cream for the holidays. So, over the Easter weekend, I wanted to try the Limited-Edition Easter Egg from Snowflake. However, when we got there they had sold out. So, I had to settle for a plain coffee gelato in a cone. Which was a little disappointing, but any day you get to eat ice cream is a bonus.

Unicorn Ice Cream

Where: Bears Ice Cream 
What I had: Unicorn Cone
When our neighbourhood ice cream store opened they sold cute “Bear” ice cream cone for kids, linked to their name. However, this summer they have updated the menu to include a unicorn cone. Because everyone loves a unicorn, don’t they? The unicorn cone features, Icelandic ice cream topped with white chocolate. Decorated with sprinkles for a mane, mini smarties for eyes and a sugar horn.

Mochi Ice Cream

Where: Little Moons Mochi Makers (Westfield)
What I had: Salted Caramel, Espresso, and Hazelnut
I had brought a box of Little Moons Mochi in the supermarket before. So, had tried their Mango version. However, their little stand in Westfield shopping centre is the prettiest store in the food court! And I was keen to try other flavours. Of the trio, the Espresso was my favourite.

Ice Cream at the Baseball

Where: London Stadium
What I had: 99 Flake in a Boston Red Sox Cap
As I mentioned in my round-up of June. We ended the month watching the MLB London Series at the London Stadium. The event was great fun partly due to all the fun food trucks outside the venue. Most of them were selling baseball-themed souvenirs, like a baseball bowl filled with nachos, which I didn’t buy. What I was drawn to was the ice cream van selling baseball caps filled with soft ice cream. So instead of a traditional 99 flake in a cone, we enjoyed then in Red Sox caps!

100 Scoops of Ice Cream 1-5