My Geeky Looks for Summer 2020

This post is a little late, but I have spent most of the summer at home. So, my geeky look this summer has been a regular rotation of joggers and old geeky t-shirts! But as I am starting to slowly venture outside, I thought I would put together a few of my geeky looks for summer 2020. Of course, the must-have fashion accessories of the season is a mask and I am lucky enough to have been given some Star Wars masks by a friend. But I also brought some from some of my favourite shops.

If I am going, to be honest, my geeky looks for this summer are not very different from the autumnal looks I wrote about last year (without the coats). I am still loving midi length tea dresses with trainers and grunge-y skirts with geeky t-shirts. All I have really done is to buy some new t-shirts and update my geeky accessories.

One thing I’ve been aware of this year is trying to move away from fast fashion. I have always preferred to buy a quality piece of clothing and wear it for years, rather than something to wear for just a few days. However, one thing I am guilty of is buying cheap t-shirts and lounging clothes in Primark. Especially if they have a geeky pattern on them. So that is one thing I have tried to avoid doing this summer. But as a result, my pyjamas have become very boring and floral!

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Geeky T-shirts

Geeky T-Shirts Summer 2020

Precious Cargo // The Child
Retro She-Ra
Doctor Who Sequin // Saga Burning Heart

These are some of my favourite t-shirts so far this year. They mainly reflect my obsessions from the year. Baby Yoda and Doctor Who. I adored the final season of Netflix She Ra. However, I love the retro feel of this 1980’s print, after all, I am a child of the ’80s! My newest obsession this summer is Saga. I downloaded the digital version of the complete Companion One, last Monday and finished it in four days! Izabel is one of my favourite characters and I love this version of her t-shirt!  

Trip to the Shops

Trip to the Shops outfit (Summer 2020)

Alexa Dress (similar)// Earrings // Tote Bag
Wonder Woman mask // Red Converse

My favourite dress from last year, the Alexa dress from Nobody’s Child are still a staple in my wardrobe, for summer 2020. They are so practical for wearing every day (normally teamed with my faithful converse boots). This summer, I have added some Wonder Woman themed accessories. This outfit would also work for a trip to the cinema. Assuming we get to see Wonder Woman 84 this summer.

The Villanelle

Dress // Bralette
Earrings // Boots

Whilst turning away from fast fashion, I tried to focus more on sustainability clothing I found this amazing dress from H&M conscious range. At first, I loved the dress as it reminded me of the pink chiffon dress from Killing Eve (which you know I loved). It seemed like the ideal thing to buy for when I can finally get to see my friends again and celebrate surviving lockdown. This isn’t really a geeky look, more a causal cosplay of Villanelle.

Picnic in the Park!

Picnic Park Outfit (Summer 2020))

Necklace // Hand Sanitizer // Ben Solo T-Shirt
Tulle Skirt // Hair Clips // Sandals

Maybe it is because I have spent the last few months in comfy lounging clothes, I now want to wear fabulous outfits. Whilst this skirt isn’t something you could wear to pop to your local shop or for coffee. But it is an outfit to wear if you are going out for dinner or a picnic in the park!

Geek on the Beach

Geek on the Beach

 Kaftan // Tote Bag // Suncream
Bikini //Sunglasses // Flip Flops

We are not planning on going on vacation over the summer. But that hasn’t stopped me in looking at cute swimwear for when I do eventually go away. Whilst hunting online, I found this amazing dress from Nobody’s Child, which I think would make a cute cover-up on the beach. The dress is made from recycled plastic bottles, it’s also great for the environment. And what do you wear with a star print cover-up? Why Star Wars-themed bikini of course!