100 Scoops of Ice Cream 6-10

With my 100 Scoops of Ice Cream posts as with the 100 cups of coffee beforehand, I would write up the adventure shortly afterwards, let in sit in my draft folder. And wait for 5 posts before publishing. Just before the Lockdown of London began, I had my 10th Ice cream in the project, but I still had to edit the photos and design the graphics for the actual blog post. So, this week when I sat down to do that. Imagine my surprise to see some of the ice cream adventures are from over 12 months ago!

6-10 Scoops of Ice Cream

100 Scoops of Ice Cream 6-10 (Stranger Things Pop-Up)

Where: Scoops Ahoy! Stranger Things pop-up
What I had: Banana Boat from Scoops Ahoy!
To coincide with the release of the third season of Stranger Things. Netflix arranged a little pop-up in Truman’s Brewery in East London. The event consisted of a Hawkins Arcade, complete with retro arcade machines, and a very simple escape room. Then outside a “Scoops Ahoy” ice cream truck. Of the ice creams on offer I went for the Banana Boat, a Vanilla & Banana Ice Cream with chocolate chips, dried bananas and topped with a waffle sail.

100 Scoops of Ice Cream 6-10
(Soft Serve Society)

Where: @softservesociety
What I had: “Match Point”
Soft Serve Society was one of the first places on my London Ice Cream bucket list. Because they are one of the ice cream shops that offer Instagrammable themed ice creams. The weekend, that we attended was during the Wimbledon tennis finals. And I adored the special edition tennis-themed soft serve ice cream to celebrate. It was a traditional, Vanilla soft serve, with dried strawberries, and strawberry sauce. Decorated with Chocolate tennis racket and ball.

100 Scoops of Ice Cream 6-10 (Fouberts)

Where: Fouberts
What I had: Amaretto & Hazelnut Gelato
For anyone that grew up around Chiswick, they will know Hot Days in London mean a trip to Fouberts. I’m old enough to remember the queues outside their old location on the High Road. But on any hot day, the queues are still there in the newer location. With this being a favourite local place, as you can imagine, I have my favourites flavours and so tend not to try something new.

100 Scoops of Ice Cream 6-10 (Amorino in Richmond)

Where: Amorino
What I had: Pistachio, Coffee and Chocolate Hazelnut topped with a Pistachio Macaroon
Another of our favourite summer activities in London is to hop on the tube down to the riverbank at Richmond. One of our favourite ways to spend lazy Sunday afternoon. Walking around along the river, stopping in a pub for a drink (ideally Pimm’s), having a leisurely lunch followed by dessert. For this trip, we ended up in the local branch of Amorino.

100 Scoops of Ice Cream 6-10 (Bake in Chinatown).

Where: Bake (Chinatown)
What I had: Matcha Soft Serve in a Taiyaki Waffle
When I read about the Scenes in the Square trail in Leicester Square I wanted to check it out, I also thought it would be fun to check out some of the cute dessert shops in Chinatown. I ended up at Bake, one of the places that make the cute Taiyaki (Fish) waffle cones. Again, this is an Instagrammer’s dream. Just outside the famous gate of China Town, this is an ice cream that is designed to be photographed!

100 Scoops of Ice Cream 6-10