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Recent Reads: What I Read In September 2021

A Round-up of my September Reads

I started this year reading a lot. However, over the summer months, I seemed to have stopped reading as much. Missing out on travelling this year, meant I didn’t get the chance to read on a beach. As the nights have grown shorter it seems like the perfect time to once again curl up with a good book. So I thought I would round up my September reads.

The Man Who Died Twice

Richard Osman

The Thursday Murder Club introduced us to Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron. Four pensioner’s living in a retirement village where they set up a club to solving old crimes. After their adventures in the first novel, Elizabeth receives a letter from an old colleague. Soon the gang are thrown into a world of spies, the New York mafia and missing diamonds!

The Man Who Died Twice

Rating: ☕☕☕☕☕/5

Richard Osman once again delivers a gem! This book is even better than the first one. It was lovely to be reunited with The Thursday Murder Club (and their friends), read about their newest exploits and discover more about Elizabeth’s past.

Like the first book, the sequel contains lots of funny anecdotes and English pop culture references. Especially when Joyce joins Instagram. (F.Y.I. I checked they have set up a @GreatJoy69 account 😉). If you liked the first book, you are going to love the sequel. Osman continues to provide a clever, witty murder mystery filled with twists and turns.

Midnight in Everwood

M.A. Kuzniar

Midnight in Everwood is a retelling of the Christmas classic, The Nutcracker. Whilst Marietta Steele’s parents want her to take her place in Edwardian society. All she dreams about is becoming a ballerina. Before Christmas, a mysterious stranger moves next door to Steele’s townhouse. Soon he wins over the rest of Marietta’s family with his amazing inventions. But she is suspicious of him.

On Christmas Eve, whilst trying to escape from her neighbour. Marietta hides in one of his inventions. Here she’s transported to the magical land of Everwood. Filled with enchanted toys, luxury parties, and a forbidden romance.

MIdnight in Everwood

Rating: ☕☕☕/5

I wanted to read this book because of its comparison to The Night Circus and The Nutcracker. Whilst I didn’t see the comparison to the first book. It definitely has many similarities to the second book. Like The Nutcracker, you’re transported into a magical sweet-filled world. But, this isn’t until the second half of the book.

I found Midnight in Everwood to be a very slow burner. I felt it took almost half of the book for the adventure to the beginning. It’s only, once Marietta enters the magical realm of Everwood does the story does become more interesting. The final part chapters are action-packed. It almost made me wish this adventure was more spread out in the rest of the book.


Michaela Coel

Michaela Coel is an award-winning British actress, screenwriter and producer. Probably best well known for her tv series I May Destroy You. This book is a personal memoir of her writing and experiences. The main section of the book is a transcript of a speech she gave at the Edinburgh Festival.


Rating: ☕☕☕☕☕/5

The title of the book refers to Coel’s definition of a Misfit. “One who looks at life differently”. This is a theme throughout the book. Her reflection of life as a misfit. From her childhood growing up in East London within the financial hub City of London. To her introduction into the television industry when she was writing Chewing Gum.

I read this book one sitting, partly because it is a short book. But also because of Coel’s excellent story-telling. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Coel’s work. But also those who are not familiar with her work. And want an alternative view of the television industry.

The Joker War Saga

James Tynion IV and others

Gotham City is once again a war zone when Joker battles Batman once more. Using Bruce Wayne’s own fortune against him. The Crown Prince mounts a full attack on Batman and his allies. The Joker War Saga collects the full adventure from Batman #95-100. Plus tie-in stories Batgirl #47, Red Hood and the Outlaws #48, Catwoman #25, Harley Quinn #75, Nightwing #74, and Detective Comics #1025.

Joker War Saga

Rating: ☕☕☕☕/5

Any major storyline that involves a battle between Batman and the Joker is going to be epic. This storyline has the added excitement of Joker once again confronting Barbara Gordon. As well as an amazing fight between Harley Quinn and Punchline (Joker’s new girlfriend). For me, the best part of the story is the ending of the “Ric” storyline, which was Dick Grayson once again dons the Nightwing mantle. The Joker Wars Saga also introduces a new character Clownhunter.

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