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MCM London Comic-Con (Oct 2021)

This last weekend MCM London Comic Con returned. After an 18-month hiatus during the pandemic. MCM Comic Con once again took place at the Excel Centre in London. As I have missed out on two years’ worth of conventions, it was great to be back.

When the tickets for MCM went on sale over the summer, I was a little reluctant about attending. The idea of a convention in a pandemic does sound crazy. As I am not really travelling on public transport, and have avoided crowds all summer. Yet, after some research about the entry requirements and social distancing ideas. We decided to get tickets for Friday.

A few years ago, I attended MCM London on Friday, and I found it was a lot quieter and easier to navigate. It was a much more pleasant experience than the busy Saturday. Great to spend time shopping, walking around and getting to chat with fellow guests. So, it seemed like the best day to attend, as I knew the crowds would be smaller. But, a few days later, we discovered some friends were attending on Saturday. So we caved and brought extra tickets for that day too.

Entry into the Excel Centre required proof of your Covid-19 status. (This was either to have a full dosage of the vaccine, a negative test or proof of natural immunity). On the day, this involved checking your status before entering the centre. So that was a smaller queue just before entry. But, it was worth it for the extra safety.

The whole con was a lot smaller than in previous years. They seemed to use less place within the convention centre. But also, the booths were more spread out creating, more space to walk around and shop. There seemed to be an absence of bigger stands as well. Notably, Funko didn’t have a booth. I liked this as it encouraged me to look at smaller independent shops.

Loki Panel @ MCM London

Arguably the highlight of MCM London this year was the addition of Tom Hiddleston to the guest line-up. Whist, I personally found the £225 price tag for a photo-op too expensive. I did get very excited at the announcement of the Loki panel. For me, this was a huge thrill. Normally, the MCU panels are in the States, and I have to watch them online (sometimes late at night). Yet, finally, I got to experience one of these MCU panels in person.

The idea of attending Comic-Con during a pandemic is down to the individual. As I mentioned, I was in two minds about it and did my own personal research before buying our tickets. I did feel comfortable walking around (although I did tend to have my mask on). For the panel, we all had to wear a mask throughout the whole thing. But I did feel a little uneasy seeing all those people together. But I am glad I went.

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