Geek Chic: 12 Tops for Sweater Weather 2021

After my post, focusing on cosy autumnal knitting projects. I wanted to create a list of geek chic sweaters or sweatshirts that you could buy online. Whilst I was researching this post. I expected to find some interesting jumpers in “geeky stores” like EMP or Truffle Shuffle. But what surprised me was nearly every High Street store sells a Disney themed sweatshirt and some other stores like Primark and Uniqlo also have a range of amazing geeky tops.

Living in London, the autumnal weather can be a little unpredictable. Some days we have a crisp sunny day and the next day will be grey, rainy, and miserable. So one of the key things to do is wear layers! As a result, I tend to just add some jumpers, sweatshirts or plaid shirts to my wardrobe for a quick fall update. It is easy to throw on a sweatshirt with jeans or leggings, whilst I am home. But when I go out I love layering sweaters over a midi skirt or tea dress.

I did notice a lot of the stores are already stocking their Geeky Christmas Jumpers. I purposely chose not to include any Christmas-themed sweaters on the list. As I might do another compilation post of these later in the month (If I remember).

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12 Geeky Tops for Layering

Grogu Hooded Sweatshirt
Grogu Hooded Sweatshirt
May The Force Be With You Sweater

Do you like layering with sweaters in the autumn?
Where do you buy your favourite fall sweater?
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