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100 Scoops of Ice Cream 1-4 (Reboot)

Somewhere along the way, I messed up the numbering for the 100 Scoops of Ice Cream project. I am unsure if it was due to the lockdown or my inconsistency in documenting the project. But somehow, I messed up the numbers. The easiest solution to fix the problem was to start again! So here we are with the 100 Scoops of Ice Cream reboot! If you need reminding about the “rules” of this project, you can read all about it here.

Rebooted Version 100 Scoops of Ice Cream 1-4 and Bonus Hawaiian Ice Creams

Ice Cream from Duci London
Number 01

Where: Duci London
What I had: Two Scoops, Pistachio and Coffee.

For the reboot, I returned to our local Italian gelato shop, where I originally started this challenge. The ice cream was still fabulous. The only change to the shop was the exterior, with the addition of some outdoor seating. The cute tables make this a great little neighbourhood café!

Ice Cream from Bear Palour W6
Number 02

Where: Bears Ice Cream 
What I had: Icelandic Soft Serve mixed with Smarties, Mint Choc Chips and Chocolate Buttons.

My second ice cream experience was again another favourite local ice cream parlour. Whilst this place was open for takeaway over the pandemic (and home delivery), it was nice to enjoy an ice cream in the store (and garden).

The Ice Cream Project Pop-Up
Number 03

Where: Ice Cream Project Pop-up
What I had: Two Scoops of Polo Sorbet and Coco Pops Ice Cream

Over the summer, designer Anya Hindmarch opened a pop-up shop called the Ice Cream Project. The shop served a collection of unexpected ice creams and sorbets based around the designer’s favourite cult food brands. Flavours included Heinz Baked Beans, PG Tips, and Kikkoman’s Soy Sauce. On that day, I was not very brave and decided to try the Polo and Coco Pops varieties.

Royal Chocolate Ice Cream at Sandringham Estate
Number 04

Where: Sandringham Estate
What I had: Two Scoops of Royal Chocolate

Over the summer, we took the opportunity to visit Jason’s parents in Norfolk. As well as catching up with family, we explored the county. Visiting some local attractions and our favourite restaurants. (I love the seafood available around there). In August, we walked around the gardens of Sandringham Palace and enjoyed some of their locally produced ice creams.

Bonus Hawaiian Content

Super Berry Shaved Ice from Vintage Island Coffee
Bonus 01

Where: Island Vintage Coffee (Waikiki Beach)
What I had: Super Island

Whilst in Hawaii, we wanted to try the local speciality frozen dessert, Shaved Ice. We found a coffee shop near our hotel that served shaved ice in the afternoon for us to try. The Super Island featured frozen yoghurt surrounding shaved ice covered with acai and strawberry syrups, topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries. The whole thing was served with drizzled condensed milk and mochi pieces. 

Dole Whip!
Bonus 02

Where: Moana Surfrider Beach Bar (Waikiki Beach)
What I had: Pineapple Dole Whip topped with Macadamia Nuts.

The other frozen dessert we wanted to try whilst in Oahu was a Dole Whip. I am yet to find anywhere in London that serves Dole Whip. For me, it’s a popular dessert I’ve seen on social media. For Disney fans, Dole Whips has an almost cult following. You can even buy Dole Whip-themed merchandise in the Parks. I wrongly thought the dessert originated in Hawaii, as the Dole Plantation is there. So we wanted to try it there, opting to top the ice cream with macadamia nuts, another locally produced product. However, I have since discovered it was invented by Disney! 

Currently, it is cold and raining here in London, so I am putting the 100 Scoops of Ice Cream project on hold for a bit. But it will be back in the warmer months. I am already compiling a list of new ice cream places to try.

Do you have a recommendation for an ice cream shop I should try?
If you want to join in the fun on Instagram, you can by using the hashtag #100scoopsoficecream.

100 Scoops of Ice Cream 1-4

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