5FF: Movies You Can’t Wait for in 2023

Of all the blogging prompts and tags I have done. Five Fandom Friday is my favourite. It’s hard to believe it’s nearly ten years since the prompts started. The Sartorial Geek has created over fifty more fun prompts for us geeks for 2023! Being old school, I will still be using the prompts for writing blog posts, but I can’t wait to see everyone else’s answers across social media.

Five Fandom Friday: Five Movies You Can’t Wait for This Year

For the first prompt for this year, I’ll talk about the five movies I can’t wait for in 2023. Honestly, I could have just picked five Marvel movies for this post! So I put an additional clause in the prompt and did not include any superhero movies in the list!

1. Luther: The Fallen Sun (February 24th)

Who doesn’t love Idris Elba? Undoubtedly, his best role is as DCI John Luther on the BBC detective programme (jointly with Stringer Bell on The Wire). Luther is unlike any other cop on TV. He’s more like a vigilante with a police badge. Whilst, I would love another complete TV series, I guess having a movie isn’t too bad, as I get to see one of my favourite characters back onscreen.

2. John Wick 4 (March 24th)

I remember reading other people’s responses to one of these “five movies I was excited about” prompts back in 2017. All the posts seemed to include the second John Wick movie in their lists. I was ashamed to admit I hadn’t seen the first one, so I had no idea about the hype. It appeared to be a movie about a guy getting revenge on someone killing his dog. In Lockdown, my husband made me sit down and watch all three over a weekend. Now finally, I get the hype!

3. Fast And Furious: Fast X (May 19th)

I call the Fast and Furious movies my guilty pleasure, but that implies I’m ashamed of loving these films. Whereas the truth is I have no shame in loving these movies, I always go to the cinema to see them on the big screen. I re-watch all the old movies before the newest one is released. So, of course, I am looking forward to the final two films.  

4. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (June 30th)

In the early 1990s, I spent a lot of time watching and re-watching the Indiana Jones movies on VHS. I still love the original three films. I quote these movies, and I have an Indy t-shirt. Indiana Jones was one of my first fandoms, so of course, I am looking forward to the release of the fifth movie in the franchise.

5. Dune: Part Two (November 3rd)

As someone who reads a lot of fantasy and science fiction books, Dune is a must-read series. However, I never read the series. Through my limited knowledge of film history, I knew all about the previous attempts to adapt the books. Before the release of the first Dune movie in 2021, I decided to read the first book. (I still have to finish the rest of the series). So I headed to the cinema excited to watch the new adaptation. As it turns out, the movie only covered part of the book, so I waited for two years to see the complete version of the first book onscreen!

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