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Favourite Fictional Closets

I recently watched Killing Eve and immediately became obsessed with Villanelle’s wardrobe. This isn’t the first time I have been dreaming about a character’s fictional closet. This is my latest fixation. So that in mind, I figured I would share the list with you in the form of a Five Fandom Friday. The list of five fictional characthers whose wardrobes I want to raid!

Five Fictional Closets I Want To Raid
  1. Mary Margaret Blanchard (Once Upon a Time)
    Fictional Closet: Mary Margaret Blanchard
    Mary Margaret Blanchard has appeared on several of my Five Fandom Friday lists. On both the favourite fictional teacher and character I’d like to dress as for Halloween list. So it will come as no surprise, that I love Mary Margaret’s wardrobe. In the first season as a teacher in Storybrooke. She wore beautiful floral skirts, cute blouses and cosy cardigans. But the items in her wardrobe I loved the most where her gorgeous winter coats and wool berets.
  2. Jo Stockton (Funny Face)
    Fictional Closet: Jo Stockton
    You could argue Audrey Hepburn’s greatest on-screen wardrobe was that in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In contrast, I am more of a fan of her clothes in Funny Face. The movie is set during the beatnik era, and as such her wardrobe contains Capri trousers, boatneck tops and classic trench coats. In the storyline, Hepburn becomes a model in Paris and as a result models the most amazing outfits. The clothes were all designed by Givenchy and Edith Head. Who also designed the clothes in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  3. Veronica (Veronica Mars Movie)
    Fictional Closet: Veronica Mars
    Veronica Mars’ wardrobe in the television programme was very much that of a quirky, preppy student. However, I adored her more ‘grown-up’ look in the Veronica Mars movie. Her look is created by layering textured tops under a blazer. Paired with classic jeans and boots combination. I especially loved the draped neck top she wore to the club. However, the highlight of the movie was when she once again donned her leather jacket and studded camera bag from the television show. As you can imagine, I cannot wait for next year to see the new season and more of her amazing wardrobe.
  4. Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)
    Fictional Closet: Clara Oswald
    Clara’s wardrobe is probably the closest to my own. We both wear floral or tartan dresses, with woolly tights and chunky boots. I even have the leather jacket and red satchel! Although our styles are similar, that doesn’t mean I don’t have total envy at her dress collection! As well as her everyday clothes, let’s not forget the beautiful period pieces she wore.  For example, the 1920’s beaded dress from Mummy’s on the Orient Express or the party dress from The Cold War episode.
  5. Villanelle (Killing Eve)
    Fictional Closet: Villanelle
    I loved all of Villanelle’s outfits! The wrap dress she wore with white trainers. The blue summer dress and of course the stunning pink chiffon dress worn with biker boots. And I haven’t even mentioned her amazing outerwear! The Teddy Bear coat, embroidered bomber jacket and classic raincoat. All items I am looking to add to my wardrobe this autumn. Whilst I know it is not a good idea to raid a psychopath’s wardrobe, and certainly dreaming about doing it.

Which fictional characters’s closet do you want to raid?
Have you seen Killing Eve? Are you obsessed with Villanelle’s clothes?
Is it okay to have a psychopathic killer as a fashion icon?
Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Fictional Closet
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Five Fandom Friday

Five songs that remind me of a TV episode

Confession time, I have a secret Spotify playlist. When I am watching a TV programme I hear a song I like, I “Shazam” the song. The I add the song to my TV/Movies playlist on Spotify. So you might thing writing this post was easy, but actually it was pretty hard to narrow it down to five.

  1. 4 Non Blondes – What’s Up
    Sense8 – What’s Going On (S01E04)
    When this song was originally released I didn’t like it. It was overplayed on the radio, which might explain why I know all the words to the song! When I watched Sense8, just as I was getting to love all the characters in the show. The scene involving the song cemented my love for all the sensate.
  2. Bell Biv Davoe – Poison
    Scrubs  – My Half Acre (S05E09)
    So many episodes of Scrubs featured great tunes, sometimes the music was the perfect choose for the storyline. Like JD’s last day. Other times it was for comedic value. When Turk auditioned to join the The Cool Cats, he performed this hip hop classic.

  3. Violent Femmes – Add It Up
    The 100 – Wanheda: Part 1 (S03E01)
    Originally, I remember singing this song with friends in my room at university – singing it at the top of our lungs! This scene that features Add it Up in The 100 is pretty similar, friends driving and singing, having fun! Being The 100, it also signals the calm before the storm.
  4. Blondies – One Way Or Another
    Veronica Mars – Clash of the Tritons (S01E12)
    During the first season, Veronica Mars investigates a secret society in her high school. Whilst following several suspected members of the society to a karaoke bar. Once there, they set up Veronica to force her to sing. Being Veronica Mars, she picks the Blondie classic “One Way Or Another” sending a message to the society.
  5. Julee Cruise – Falling
    Twin Peaks – Northwest Passage (S01E01)
    The Twin Peaks theme tune, is one of the more iconic themes. Whilst everyone is familiar with the instrumental version from the show. There is also a version with lyrics. Julee Cruise performed the song (and several others) in the pilot episode of the show. Even now when, I hear this song I am transported back to Washington State, with owls, cherry pie and coffee!

Five songs that remind me of a TV episode


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Currently… May Edition

currently may

Currently Knitting…  I took a break from knitting the Boomerang Shawl this month and have concentrated on knitting a little baby dress.

Currently Loving… Game of Thrones, once again I have become obsessed, staying awake to catch the first showing of the new episodes, reading analysis of each episode on several websites and then spending the next six days looking for spoilers for the next instalment.

Currently Eating…  Summer is here (supposedly), so I have started using my ice cream maker again, I love experimenting with new flavour combinations – this weekend was a combination of biscoff spread and chunks of biscoff biscuit.

Currently Reading…  Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton.

Currently Watching…  As well as Game of Thrones, I have watched iZombie on Netflix, being another Rob Thomas show – it is similar to Veronica Mars, but with the zombie twist.

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Five Fandom Friday



This is my Missed One, catch up for the beginning of March (last week). Obviously, this will contain spoilers.

    1. Barbara Gordon & Richard Grayson (DC Comics)
      Batgirl & Grayson
      My OTP

      Whether this couple are Batgirl and Robin or Oracle and Nightwing, they are my ultimate pairing, “my first OTP.” Over the years, we have seen them go through a lot, her accident, the death of their mentor and even him faking his own death. Last year, there were some amazing storylines involving these two, The Convergence storyline, his return to Gotham and although in Future’s End it seems they are no longer romantically linked I am hoping the new Rebirth later this year may rewrite their future together.

    2. Logan & Veronica (Veronica Mars)
      Logan and Veronica
      The happy ever after couple

      I’m going to call these two my “the happy ever after couple” in the television series I was always Team Logan. Even though he was very immature in high school and still not ready to commit in college, in the movie he had grown up. The movie was the perfect ending for True LoVe shippers, plus we got to see Logan in his uniform!

    3. Rory & Jess (Gilmore Girls)
      Rory and Jess
      hope I get a happy ending couple

      I’m referring to this couple as my “hope I get a happy ending couple.” Like Logan Echolles in Veronica Mars, Jess was too immature in their relationship to realise what he had, when he had grown up it was Rory who was in the wrong place. As the new mini series is going to air on Netflix later this year, I am hoping these two will finally get together.

    4. Han & Leia (Star Wars)

      Han and Leia
      So Close
    5. I invested a lot of time reading the Star Wars Expanded Universe books, I liked Han and Leia as a married couple, and even more as parents. When I heard about Episode 7 (which would later become The Force Awakens), I was excited to see Han and Leia as husband and wife, I imagined little Skywalker/Solo children – I was thinking a mini Leia with pigtails. Whilst The Force Awakens didn’t disappoint, theirs wasn’t the happy ending I was hoping for.

    6. Wash & Zoe (Firefly)
      Wash and Zoe
      Too Sad

      Over thirteen episodes and a movie, it was impossible not to fall for this dysfunctional couple. Maintaining their romantic relationship onboard Serenity, surrounded by all the waifs and strays. Whereas Mal and Inara are the parents of the crew, Wash and Zoe are the loved-up cool aunt and uncle. Again they did not have the happy ending, I would have liked for this couple.

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