Jason is still in contact with a lot of friends he went to school with. Even after leaving their home town for university or work. They still would make the effort to meet up several times a year. Always in the Old Town area of their hometown. As a result, they lovingly refer to themselves as The OTB (Old Town Boys).

As they entered their twenties, several of them moved down to London. They started having serious relationships, and as a result, a group of WAGs joined the OTB. And we would still meet ups in London. But would always meet up on Christmas Eve in the Old Town. As we all entered into our thirties and some of them moved overseas. Some of the guys got married and started families. But this is where the strangest thing happened all of the OTB’s children were girls.

Two summers ago, I thought it would be nice to knit something for the newest OTB girls. After seeing Ysolda’s Poppy doll at Knit Nation I knew it was the perfect pattern. I had a practice run making a doll which eventually ended up with my sister. And then started the tradition of knitting these dolls for the girls. I made three that summer, for the two newborn babies and one more for an older sister. I send the dolls to live in Australia and America. Then later that Christmas I made three more dolls, But this time for the older girls so I made a few extra pieces of clothing.


Last October, another OTBg was born. With my lack of knitting mojo I never got around to knitting her a Poppy. However, this past weekend it was her Dad’s birthday. As we were attending his surprise 40th party. I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to make another Poppy doll, this one to lives in Leicester.