Real Life: Casting On

Whenever I read other people’s knitting blogs about when they cast on a new project. I am left with a vision of what they do. They wander into their craft room, fondle some hanks of yarn deciding which one is right for their project. Then they sit down in a comfy chair bathed in natural light and cast on their new project.

My reality of casting on a project is a lot different. Take this week, I had an afternoon off. So thought I would cast on a new project. I knew which yarn I wanted to use, and I had a mission to go and find it.

I keep my yarn in an Ikea box in the cupboard in the hallway. We affectionally call the cupboard Narnia, along with my yarn, is some spare bedding, Christmas decorations and old books. So whilst trying to get yarn. I got attacked by a roll of wrapping paper, and then had our summer duvet fall on my head!

Pretty Yarn Cake

I don’t have a craft room. So the dining room table doubles as my desk and workbench. Armed with the yarn and ball winder and shift, which I also retrieved from Narnia. In the dining room, I start the process of winding the yarn. As soon as I got a momentum going my phone pinged. So I left the ball winder and read the text message and reply. When I returned to the ball winder, I tried to pick up momentum again. Only I ended up with my yarn in a mess. This is normally because I am left-handed, and end up winding the other way. After about 45 minutes I had my pretty yarn cake.

Casting On

By this stage, I thought I’d earned a drink. So paused to make a coffee before ready to sit down and finally cast on the new project. Upon reading the pattern,  I saw it calls for a German twisted cast-on. So I found a tutorial on Youtube, after watching the video twice, I got sidetracked by the new trailer The Avengers 2. Whilst I had my iPad in hand I thought I’d play a few levels of Candy Crush Saga.

Casting On

By this stage, my coffee had gone cold so I had to make another cup. Before head back to my spot on the sofa. I had also forgotten everything I heard in the tutorial so had to watch it again. All of this was just to cast on. I still had to knit the rib of the sock. Finally, after several hours, I had two rows of knitting completed on one sock!

I kept knitting for a while and suddenly realize I didn’t take any photos of the project. Or entered the details into Ravelry. So I pick up my phone and try to set up the perfect photo. Only then did I see that there is no natural light. Looked at the time and realise it is gone 6pm. My husband is due home anytime soon the dining room table still has a swift attached and I had to cook dinner!

Featured Image from Pixabay.