5FF: Geeky Tattoos


Geeky Tattoos I Want Or Have

1. & 2 Star Wars Symbols

Geeky Tattoos
Geeky Tattoos

My friend M has numerous amazing Star Wars tattoos done by some amazing tattoo artists. When he mentioned one of the artists, Adam Guy Hays would be at the London Tattoo convention. I jumped at the chance to get inked. Due to limited time, we had to opt for smaller tattoos and each picked on of the “symbols” from Star Wars. I had the rebel alliance symbol on left foot below my ankle. The following year, Adam returned to London and I completed the set with the Empire symbol on my right foot.

3. Another Star Wars Tattoo

For my next tattoo, I am hoping for another Star Wars tattoo, hopefully at Star Wars Celebration this summer. Ideally, I would love an X-Wing,  especially Poe’s new black ship.

4. Cross Stitch Shield

Image: Eva Krbdk

I am completely in love with this tattoo by Eva Krbdk! I am awful at cross stitching (I always end up with tons of knots at the back of my work). But the combination of craftiness and geekiness of this tattoo, just makes me adore it. Shame the artist is based in Turkey.

5. Batman Symbol

Finally, I would love a classic yellow and black Batman logo!

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