100cupsofcoffee 21-25

I’m extremely behind writing up about my 100 cups of coffee project, most of these coffees were from the start of the year and our trip to Barcelona.

100 Cups of Coffee

In January, we had no internet connection in our house for a few days. I know we used wi-fi a lot, this was a real wake up call. Luckily, we have a mobile wi-fi for travelling, which came in handy. As for work, I created a mobile office in a local pub. As they have massive empty tables. Which were ideal to spread out and work on. Plus during the day it was quieter than the coffee shop.

Like most people, I was struck down the flu-like virus earlier this year. Which affected my taste buds, one of the side effects for me was hating the taste of coffee! As a result, this project became impossible. As soon as my taste buds were back to normal, I popped to my favourite coffee shop for a pick me up!

One of our local restaurants ran a fund-raising promotion on Pancake Day. A special pancake breakfast, with all the money going to Magic Breakfast. (An amazing charity that gives free breakfast to school children). Getting to eat pancakes and helping out a charity was a no-brainer for me. If I have my way, I would have eaten pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Shrove Tuesday – but we settled for just brunch!

Coffees in Barcelona!

I had plans to photograph several cups on vacation in Barcelona. Starting with a coffee on the plane! As we had an early flight, I needed several cups of coffee at the airport! Even before I could handle the maze of checking in and security checks. As you can guess this plane coffee was pretty awful!

The next issue I had on vacation was the hotel coffee. It was a little too bitter for my taste buds! Luckily they offered cappuccino for breakfast and had an impressive choice of juices and herbal tea. This is where my new addiction to cold brew teas started.

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