5FF: Friday Faves


Instead of 5 Fandom Friday, this week I thought I would list my five favourite fangirl moments from this week. It has been an interesting one! The week started off a little shocking and then yesterday, news about several of my favourite fandoms appeared online.

Five Friday Faves!

1.The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale

Monday nights are The Walking Dead night in our house. We even watch The Talking Dead, to digest everything we have just seen. Needless to say, this season finale, has left us feeling completely numb. I know fans have complained about the open ending, but I didn’t mind the cliffhanger.

2. Orphan Black Season 4

I knew BBC America was planning on airing the newest season of Orphan Black in April. And I thought we would have to wait until September like last year.  However, it looks like Netflix will be showing it a few days afterwards, starting in the 15th. Until then this prequel teaser has me hooked.

3. Death Note Remake

It seems once every six months or so we get news about a Hollywood remake of Death Note, and every time I moan, “we don’t need a remake!” Over the years I have heard the strangest rumours from Zac Efron playing Light to Gus Van Sant directing (this did impress), the latest story ( you can read it here) is that Netflix has picked up the rights.

4. Gilmore Girls Revival

I am beyond excited that Gilmore Girls is returning later this year. Personally, I always felt let down by the final season, I’m not going to re-hash the issues, only to say I am glad the show didn’t run past its seven seasons. I cannot imagine post-grad Rory’s life and how this would still link into Star’s Hollow. Or how this would have been turned into a weekly show. Now, it feels right to have the show back and get a seasonal insight into the Gilmore’s lives. You can read more about the revival here, and it also looks like Sookie is coming back!

5. Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer

Obviously, the biggest news this week has been the Rogue One trailer. I could have written a whole post about my feeling on this!

  • Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso looks amazing, I am hoping Disney will realise we love strong female leads and adore merchandise based on these characters. So give us even more merchandise!
  • Speaking of female characters, I was excited to see Genevieve O’Reilly back as Mon Mothma, as she has an amazing resemblance to Caroline Blakiston.
  • Contrary to everyone else, I don’t think Jyn is any relation to Rey. I think the rest of Rey’s story will be played out in episode eight (and maybe nine).
  • Likewise, I don’t think Diego Luna’s character is Poe’s father.
  • Apart from a few overlapping characters (like in Star Wars: Rebels ), I think this story will not relate to the Skywalker Saga Anthology films.
  • As Grand Admiral Thrawn is meant to be re-canonized, I would like to think Ben Mendelsohn is playing him. Another theory is he will be Grand Moff Tarkin, overseeing the building of the Death Star.

What has been your highlight of the week?
Have you any theories about the Rogue One trailer?

Featued Image: © Lucasfilm