5FF: Five Questions about Fandoms


Five Questions about Fandoms

Every week Kayla from Epicfied hosts a Fandom Friday Q&A about a specific fandom and asks readers submit their answers. Last week, it was five general questions about fandoms. So I thought I would turn my answers into a longer blog post. So you could get to know the fandoms I love (You can read their answers here).

What are your top five fandoms

  • Star Wars
  • Game of Thrones
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Batgirl
  • Sherlock

What is a fandom you love but isn’t extremely popular?

I am going to have to say, Orphan Black. I love this show and became hooked from the first season. However, no one I know seemed to watch it, so that’s why I adding it here.

What is a fandom you highly recommend?

Too many to mention! I spent a few years convincing all my friends to watch Game of Thrones. Just so I could discuss each episode, spoilers and theories.

Ned's Sword Ice and Arya's needle "Stick 'em with the pointy end!"
Ice & Needle at the Game of Thrones Exhibit

I know a lot of people have read the New 52 Batgirl. But I prefer the pre-Flashpoint version, with Barbara Gordon as Oracle and Cassandra Cain as Batgirl. So I guess I would recommend reading Batgirl: Silent Knight or Birds of Prey: Vol 1.

Do you collect anything?

My largest collection is Star Wars based. In the attic, I have a lot of merchandise from the 1990’s, Episode One Lego sets, board games and dozens of Expanded Universe books.

Tsum Tsum
A few of my favourite tsum tsum

Last year, I brought a few Tsum Tsum, this year as they released two Star Wars waves and a Civil War set. I seem to have developed a larger collection, with the Finding Dory and The Force Awaken sets being released this month, I think my collection will continue to grow.

Anything else?

Like many I am still not over the fact the Firefly got cancelled!

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