5 Programmes to Watch on Netflix

I watch a lot of TV programmes (maybe too much). And am always binge watching at least two shows, one on my own and one with Jason. The majority of programmes I watch are on Netflix. In the past, I have been known to watch an entire season in two days! Of course, we aren’t the only ones, when the second season of Stranger Things premiered a lot of my friends spend the weekend in front of their TV watching it. Likewise with the Marvel TV programmes. But with hundreds of shows available on stream on Netflix, it is easy to miss some excellent shows. So for today’s Five Fandom Friday I am listing my 5 programmes watch on Netflix, that you may have missed.

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5 Programmes to Watch on Netflix

1. The OA

Recommended if you love Science Fiction.
It almost seems like The OA appeared from nowhere. I had seen very little about the show beforehand until it appeared in the ‘New Releases’ section on Netflix. Jason and I watched the whole first season in a day! We were both amazing more people were not watching the show, especially considering the popularity of Stranger Things. In fact, I still only know a handful of people who have seen it, but as the second season airs today you have no excuse! The OA tells the story of Prairie Johnson who returns home after being missing for seven years, the twist she was blind before she went missing and now can see.

2. On My Block

Recommended if you like Quirky Teen Comedy Drama.
I want to start by saying I don’t think I am the target audience for this series and yet I loved it! On My Block centres around a group of inner-city kids, as they are about to enter high school. In effect, it is a teen drama like dozens of others on Netflix. But two things that struck me about the show one its diverse cast and secondly the teens are not cliched. For example, the boy whose family legacy is football. Spends most of the season faking injuries so as not to play football. And the rest of the time hanging out with his friend’s grandmother discussing conspiracy theories. Follow the drama of their first year in high school living in inner city LA.

3. Gran Hotel

Recommended if you like Period Drama
Originally, I only watched this show as it was described to me as the Spanish Downton Abbey.(It is in Spanish with subtitles, don’t let that put you off.) And there are some similarities both are set in the early 20th century and depict the different classes, the wealthy owners and their staff. But Gran Hotel has some crazier plotlines and that’s what kept me hooked! The show starts when Julio travels to the hotel to discover what happened to his sister, an employee at the Gran Hotel. He pretends to be the new waiter and with the help of the daughter of the hotel owner investigates the disappearance of this sister. I believe they are making a modern-day version of the show set in Miami, but I am not too interested in that, as I loved this version.

4. Neo Yokio

Recommended if you like Hipster Animation
Written by Ezra Koenig (from Vampire Weekend), Neo Yokio is an alternate universe, New York. One in which the city is overrun with demons. Basically, the plot centres around Kaz Kaan, an unlikeable boy from a family of magicians. As the city needs the magicians to control the demon situation. Kaz is a ‘magistocrat’ and therefore part of the elite society. Like Gossip Girl the Neo Yokio centres around the world of the Upper East side. Similarly, the show has all the cliches of spoilt rich kids. The rivalry between old school money and the magistocrats, who are seen as nouveau riche. Numerous lavish parties and weekends in the Hamptons. But all with the additional threat of demon attacks. Being written up Ezra Koenig the show also has an amazing soundtrack featuring some of his solo work.

5. The Dragon Prince

Recommended if you like Fantasy with Epic Quests
Netflix has some amazing original animated series and without a doubt, The Dragon Prince is definitely one of my favourites. Set in a fantasy world where humans and elves are at war. Humans have used dark magic to rid their lands of magical creatures and eventually killed the Dragon King.
Whilst the human castle under attack from the elves. The two human princes and an elf assassin discover an egg. Realising that this is the dragon egg that everyone thought was destroyed. The trio embarks on a quest to return the egg to the dragons to try and end the war. In true quest style along the way, the trio is pursed, forge new friendships and even get themselves into some funny scenarios.

What shows do you love that aren’t that popular on Netflix?
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5 Programmes You Should Be Watching On Netflix

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