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A few years ago, fellow geeky lifestyle bloggers seemed to write posts based around ideas for Everyday Cosplay outfits. I myself created a few for the release of Star Wars: Rouge One. Also, I included a few of my favourites outfits by other bloggers in the pinspiration series. However, these blog posts seem to have died down a now. But judging by Instagram, the idea of everyday cosplay is still extremely popular. So why has the popularity of these types of blog post died down?

What is Everyday Cosplay?

Before I delved too much into everyday cosplay or casual cosplay as it is also known. Let me first lay out the differences between everyday cosplay and cosplay. Cosplay involved recreating the looks of a character to incredible detail. Whereas causal cosplay involves taking aspects of their outfit and deconstructing the look. Using colours from the outfit of the character for inspiration. And then adding accessories to complete the look.

For example, if you wanted to everyday cosplay Minnie Mouse, you could wear a red spotty dress. Together with a pair of yellow shoes and a red bow necklace or earrings. And you have all the icon hallmarks of Minnie Mouse without the full-on costume. Plus you could complete the look add a Minnie Mouse bag, so people would know.

Minnie Mouse Everyday Cosplay

Dress // Tights // Bag
Shoes // Necklace

This is actually a specific type of causal cosplay known as Disney-bounding. It is everyday cosplay exclusively for Disney characters, but obviously, that now includes the Marvel and Star Wars franchise. Disney-bounding is extremely popular within the Disney Parks. And a lot of Disney bloggers still post their outfits on Instagram.

Without a doubt, the Queen of Disney-bounding is Leslie Kay. Her blog is a fantastic resource for inspiration. In the past, she has even created outfits for a specific reason. E.g. Prom outfits for the Disney Princesses or Holiday outfits. And she is one of the few bloggers still regularly posting outfits.

If you think about the Disney princesses in Wreck it Ralph 2. The lounging-wear they are pictured in is definitely a type of Disney-bounding. For example, Merida is wearing a t-shirt with a bear graphic, all in her signature green. But they all look like the sort of outfits Leslie Kay would have put together.

Why did the blog posts stop?

So why do I think everyday cosplay posts have died down? Personally, I think the problem is two-fold. On the one hand, it is partly because of the closure of Polyvore. Before, Polyvore was a great resource for quickly curating an outfit and its closure has meant it isn’t as easy to create these outfits without additional software. And on the other hand, I think it has now easier to buy complete everyday cosplay outfits online.

Companies like Her Universe, Blackmilk Clothing and Elhoffer Designs all have amazing everyday cosplay outfits all ready for you to buy. If you are based in the UK, I suggest checking out EMP, as they have an amazing range include both the Her Universe and Merchiod collections. It is also worth looking on the Shop Disney website.

As I mentioned judging by Instagram, the concept of everyday cosplay has not died down. The #disneybounding hashtag has over 180, 000 posts! There are still month-long Instagram causal cosplay challenges. Maybe it is easy to show complete outfits on Instagram rather than write a detailed post about them. Even Brie Larson recently posted a photo on Instagram of herself casually cosplaying Captain Marvel. She wore a custom made tracksuit that had the aspects of her character’s costume to surprise movie-goers during the opening weekend of the movie.

So where do you wear your causal cosplay outfit? The real answer is everywhere. After all, that is the whole basis of the idea you can wear them just about everywhere. Of course, if you are lucky enough to go the Disney, then there! And if you are like me and don’t have the courage to wear full on cosplay, then a con is a great place to test out your outfit. I have also worn my Her Universe dress to the cinema to see the Star Wars movie.

Do you Everyday Cosplay?
Did you use to write Casual Cosplay posts, Why did you stop?
Where is your favourite place to shop for Everyday Cosplay outfits?

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