5 Films I’m excited about in 2019, part 3

As always at the start of 2019 I wrote about the 5 Films I was most excited to see. This year as so many great movies are being released I opted to split the list into three separate posts. I very nearly forgot to post the final list. And as a result, I have already seen the first movie on the list! So these are the films I am looking forward to that will be released between now and Christmas.

5 Films I’m excited about in 2019 Part 3

1. Downton Abbey (September 13th)

Downton Abbey became a guilty pleasure of mine after the London Olympics in 2012. After the high of the summer of sports, I wanted to watch something a little more calming. And I ended up binge-watching two seasons and then show became part of my cosy autumnal weekends. Then I watched the new episodes each Sunday night. It became an autumnal tradition, so it seems only right that this movie is on my list of autumnal movies!

2. Goldfinch (September 27th)

As I mentioned in my July round-up post I think I am the last person to have read this book! Of course, I loved the book and so now I am eager to see the big screen adaption. The cast looks amazing (especially as a few American Horror Story alumni are in the cast). As with all movie adaptions of books, I am a little apprehensive, but that doesn’t stop it from making my list.

3. Joker (October 4th)

I think about the Joker movie the same way I thought about the Venom movie. It is very odd to think about the Joker without Batman. After all, aren’t their stories interlinked. And I know some on-screen versions of the Joker have included part of his history, as seen in Burton’s version or the in Gotham TV series. But I have always felt the Joker did not need an origin story, is that not part of this appeal? However, I am willing to give this movie a go (especially after reading all the reviews from the Vienna Film Festival).

4. Terminator: Dark Fates (October 25th)

The Terminator movies are huge part of my pop culture life. Whilst I don’t remember the first time I watched the original movie. I do remember seeing Terminator 2 at the cinema (when I was under 18). The TV show was one of the first series I binge-watched in LoveFilm (before it became Amazon Prime). Whilst I didn’t enjoy the Terminator Genisys movie, especially as I have no idea what is happening with the timeline anymore. But I do like the idea of the original cast returning!­­

5. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (December 19th)

Of course, this list had to include Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
The final movie in the Skywalker Saga.
And whilst it is bittersweet to think the final movie in the series, of course, I am excited to see it!

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