Review of the Year 2019

It seems to have taken me a lot longer to get back into my normal routine after the Holiday break, so as always my review of the year for 2019 is once again late! (I think this might have been the latest I have ever posted this).

Review of the Year 2019

Highlight – What one great thing happened to you this year.

New Tattoos! Without a doubt, the geeky highlight of my year was adding three new geeky tattoos to my body. First, a “Needle” tattoo in honour of Game of Thrones and then in August getting my spaceship tattoo on my legs. I have wanted the X-Wing and Tie Fighter tattoos for years, and was just waiting to find the right artist. When I discovered a local artist, Carina Roma, who had previously done an amazing Star Wars themed tattoo sleeve. I knew it was fate and immediately booked an appointment.

Surprise – Be it a TV show, film, game etc. that impressed you the most.

The Mandalorian. Because of the secrecy surrounding this TV show beforehand, I had no expectations about it. I had seen a trailer and a few promotional images. I think I had read somewhere it was trying to be more of a Space Western. More like the original Star Wars movies were. But apart from that, I had no idea what to expect. And what we got was an amazing TV show, which I adore!

New Fandom – Did you gain a new obsession in 2019?

Toyko Ghoul. My anime experience is completely out of date. I am years behind everyone else’s obsessions. So 2019 was the year I discovered and fell in love with Toyko Ghoul. Watching all the seasons in a fortnight and then watching and re-watching them in the next few months.

The Comeback Kid – Was one of your fandoms rebooted, re-released, or re-imagined.

Young Justice. Whilst there is a lot of criticism about the DC movies, one area where they shine is with the animated series. Young Justice was always one of my favourite animated series, due to its character development. And I was upset with the opening ending of season 2. However, Young Justice Outsiders coming back was fantastic, introducing some amazing new characters as well as continuing the stories of old favourites. I also loved the Nightwing/Oracle storyline!

Still, going strong? – did one TV show have an amazing season? Or did a book series have a truly impressive release this year?

Not so much a TV series or book. But the one franchise I think has had an amazing year is Star Wars! This is mainly due to the success of The Mandalorian tv series. But also the opening of Galaxy Edge at Disneyland/DisneyWorld. As well as The Rise of Skywalker movie at the end of the year. So even though the Skywalker Saga may have come to an end, the Star Wars franchise is going from strength to strength.

Biggest disappointment of the Year.

I guess in some ways my geeky experiences this year in London. In previous years, I had found convention season very tiring and so scaled back massively this year. (Only going to MCM London for the one day). Recently there have been a few fun geeky exhibitions in London, like the Star Wars Identities or Dawn of the Superheroes. However, there didn’t seem to be anything like this in 2019, which was a little disappointing.

Event of the year – be it a convention, viewing party, geek girl brunch etc.

As I mentioned, I scaled back on conventions in 2019. However, I did enjoy several Midnight Screenings of movies. And I guess these would be my geeky events of the year. I love watching a double bill with my friends and then going for breakfast in the early hours of the morning to dissect the movie.

What are you looking forward to next year?

So many great movies. Birds of Prey, Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984 new seasons of my favourite TV shows, like Stranger Things, The Mandalorian or The Clone Wars. And on a personal note, Jason and I are planning a dream vacation for later this year. Our first big holiday in over five years.

Quickfire Round

  • TV Show of the Year: The Mandolorian
  • Movie of the Year: Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
  • Game of the Year: Lemmings for iOS
  • Book of the Year: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
  • Album of the Year: When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? by Billie Eilish

Featured Images: © Lucasfilm