5FF: Geeky Resolutions for 2020

As you may have noticed in the geeky blogging community, The Sartorial Geek has re-introduced Five Fandom Friday! And as readers of my blog will know I am (as always) behind! So these are the answers to last week’s prompt, all about Geeky Resolutions for 2020.

One of the things I loved about Five Fandom Friday’s is, that it is a no-pressure blogging prompt. If you want to miss a week that’s fine! If you want to publish a week late that it all cool. It doesn’t even have to be blog posts, you can share your answers on Twitter, Instagram or even your YouTube channel. Just remember to use the hashtag 5fandomfriday!

The Nerdy Girlie & Super Space Chick originally created Five Fandom Friday.
It was re-introduced by Jordan Ellis for The Sartorial Geek in 2020.
The prompts for 2023 can be found at The Sartorial Geek
You can read all my Five Fandom Friday Posts here.

My Geeky Resolutions for 2020

1. Open an Etsy Store

This is something I have been toying with for years. I have always been a ‘crafter’ I love to knit, crochet and have even done a lot of paper-crafting in the past. However, I have never taken the plunge into selling what I make. So this year, I thought I would start with making some Geeky coffee cozies and list them on Etsy. I have seen several Disney or Harry Potter-themed coffee cozies but what about other fandoms. I am hoping to fill these markets.

2. Learn to Amigurumi

Amigurumi is a type of crocheting to make cute little toys. I have long been a fan of this craft, I have included several amigurumi figures my P-inspiration posts, But I have never taken the plunge to try the craft myself. Of course, this changed when I saw all the cute Baby Yoda figures on Ravelry. And so I brought the yarn to make my own version of The Child. And also brought the Star Wars Crochet book!

3. Learn another Programming Language

I self-taught myself HTML, years ago. I then completed a course in web designing, which included learning some basic Javascript and CSS. Over the years, I have learned PHP and SQL and refreshed my knowledge of programming languages I knew. However, I never did learn Java or C++. So I am looking to change that, as part of my geeky resolutions this year.

4. Walk 7.2km in Pokemon Go each day

Regular readers of my blog (or if you follow me on Instagram), you will know I still play Pokemon Go! Even though I took a break from the game I returned to start playing in the summer of 2018. For those of you who abandoned the game in 2016, there is now a feature in the game where you get weekly rewards for walking 5km, 20km or 50km each week. You do not have to be playing the game to count towards the distance, just walk the kilometres each week, as it uses the phone’s built-in tracker to link it to the game. I like to walk 50km per week as this means I get the most rewards, and this roughly translates to walking 7.2km per day. Obviously some days I will walk less, but I hope to make up for this at weekends with a longer Poke-walk and actually play the game.

Rewards in Pokemon Go! My geeky resolution is to always get 50km

5. Step out of my Blogging Comfort Zone

This isn’t exactly a geeky resolution. But year, I want to enjoy blogging more and to step out of my comfort zone a little more. During the summer, blogging began to feel like a chore! I sat down to write my “Currently” post and hated the experience. It wasn’t that I had nothing to write about, it was more the effort of writing, then finding the graphics and promoting the post. It all seemed like a chore, rather than a hobby. However, when I wrote the blog post about Geeky Autumn Fashion, I loved the experience! Even though it was a lot of the same tasks, it seemed more fun now! So for 2020, I want to take more risks on my blog, and try different things!

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