Relaunching Everyday Cosplay

Last year, I wrote about my love of Everyday Cosplay blog posts, and how they seem to have become unpopular in recent years. Whilst Everyday Cosplay is incredibly popular on Instagram, bloggers do not seem to write about it anymore. Well, I have decided it’s time to bring them posts back! As there are so many movies released in 2020 with strong female leads. In a way, it seems like the ideal time for relaunching Everyday Cosplay posts on my blog.

Rose Tico Disneybound by Le Fancy Geek
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If you are unfamiliar with Everyday Cosplay, you can read all about it on my post from last year. However, for a quick recap. Everyday Cosplay or Causal Cosplay is an everyday outfit based on elements from a character. Rather than wearing a full-on cosplay outfit, you use the colour scheme of outfit and accessories to make a deconstructed version of the costume that you can wear in everyday life.

Rey Disneybound by Melificent
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These outfits are very popular at the Disney parks, as guests over 12 cannot wear costumes. So adult fans wear Everyday Cosplay outfits, which are affectionately known as Disneybounding. But Casual Cosplay isn’t just limited to fandoms associated with Disney. You can design an outfit around any characters from any fandom. And therefore, these outfits are popular for Geek Girl Brunches, movie screenings, or even in your everyday life!

Hoth Leia Disneybound by InfinityJules
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Relaunching Everyday Cosplay in 2020

This year, we are getting three superhero movies with female leads, Birds of Prey, Black Widow, and Wonder Woman 1984. Plus many other great movies with strong female characters. So it is the ideal time to start re-creating Everyday Cosplay blog posts. As well as writing these posts myself, I am hoping to get a few of my favourite geeky bloggers to join in as guest bloggers.

“The Child” aka Baby Yoda Disneybound by The Dolly Llama

As causal cosplay isn’t just limited to movies, it can be based around your favourite characters from a TV Show. 2020 sees the return of so many shows with amazing female characters, like The Clone Wars, and Stranger Things. As well as new programmes like WandaVision and Ms Marvel. And I am already planning posts around these TV shows.

Would you like to get involved? Contact me.
Are you planning any Everyday Cosplay outfit this year?
What Causal Cosplays outfits would you like to see on the blog?

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