Monday Musings: The New Normal

Monday Musings

There is no denying this is a strange time. Whilst we have all seen viruses before, we have never seen anything like Covid-19. I remember first hearing about AIDS when I was still in school, I remember the “Don’t Die from Ignorance” adverts on the TV. In recent years new viruses have emerged and their name be it, Swine Flu or Bird Flu became buzz words on the news. However, never before have we seen anything like the Coronavirus.

With the other viruses, we had to make a few lifestyle changes, possibly be subject to some travel restrictions. There has never been anything to this scale. London, like the rest of the world, has practically closed. Personally we have been in near lock-down for over a month. My mum lives with us and is over 70, so we have stayed at home to keep her safe. Officially London has been in lockdown for 3 weeks. The official guidelines advice people to only leave the house when necessary with an allowance for exercise.

I have seen a lot of people online talk about using this time to change their lives. I am sure we have all seen the meme about Shakespeare writing King Lear whilst in quarantine. Whilst a lot of people are talking about using this time to create a new blog or podcast. I seem to have neglected my blog during this time. It just didn’t seem like the right time to tap away at my keyboard about pop culture. However, I am not sure how long this can carry on for.

Lockdown Life

Jason and I always talk about how nice it would be to spend a few weeks at home doing very little. Using the time to work our way through our lists of books we want to read. Watching all the box sets we seem to have missed out on. Or playing computer games. So in a way, this is what we talked about.

However, our plan did also involve, a few nice lunches in our favourite cafes, drinks by the river on warmer days and trips to the cinema or theatre. Even though we are missing out on our adventures outside, we are making the most of getting so spend time together. We have watched a few box sets we wanted to watch. Have been loving Disney+ and managed to complete our Star Wars: Rebels re-watch a few days. For me personally, I have found a few old crafting projects which I have been working on. And even started a few new ones.

The New Normal

AKA This Geeky Blogger’s plan for the near future.
So what does this all mean for my blog? I had had many plans for the summer. I wanted to re-introduce my Geek Guide to London series. And continue with my 100 Scoops of Ice Cream series (I do have an old post in this series to write up). Obviously, these will now be put on hold.

Similarly, I had planned some Everyday Cosplay posts, linked to the release of some movies. As the release date of these movies has now been delayed so have my plans for these posts.

Another thing I plan on doing is posting some of those Draft posts! As I said I had planned a few posts from before the lockdown. Sat in my draft folders is the write-ups from my 100 scoops of ice cream adventures. And notes from some knitting projects over the winter months. I really have no excuse not to finish them up and post them now!

As I have more time to read (and watch TV), I have toyed with the idea of writing a few reviews or maybe compile a recommendation list. I have previously listed my hidden gems on Netflix, but this list can definitely be updated. Is this something you would be interested in reading?

Finally, Five Fandom Friday posts. I am so behind on the new prompts for this year. And I am not sure why. Especially as March’s theme is based on Marvel Movies! I am planning on catching up, so don’t be surprised if you see a Fandom Friday post on a Tuesday. 😂

How are you surviving in Lockdown?
What are you blogging about?
What would you like to see on my blog?
Let me know in the comments below?