Monday Musings: Lockdown Update

It’s been nearly 3 months, since my last blog post. My first Lockdown Life post, in which I talked about the new normal and what blogging for me would be like during the lockdown. A blog post where I laid out my intentions and plans to try and blog more during the lockdown.

So, what happened?

For me, it seems as though lockdown has so far been divided into three parts. The first part, I think was the time of good intentions. (It was around this time I wrote my last blog post). This was the period where I did PE with Joe each morning. I started a sourdough starter and spend most of the free time indoors crafting. This stage was almost a romantic idea of lockdown life. Spending time with my husband, using the time productively and generally feeling quite positive.

Then around the end of April, My husband work furloughed him. And as a result, technically so was I. (It’s complicated but basically, he runs a business and I work for his company). This was the start of the second stage of our lockdown life. Our good intentions slowly disappeared, the daily exercise dropped to once or twice a week. Our days were spend binge-watching box sets. When we did venture out, it was not more than a half a mile from home. As we tried to continue to support our favourite local businesses. During this time, I also brought Animal Crossing: New Horizons. And most of my evenings became consumed by playing the game rather than crafting or blogging.

At the end of May, I like so many people around the world, were shocked and appalled by the death of George Floyd. This was a turning point and the start of the third stage of lockdown. For me, I used this time to reflect on my world and what I wanted to do to help bring about change. I like many posted a black square on my Instagram feed. And I muted my posting on social media to stop and listen to those around me.

I wanted to join the Black Lives Matters protests in London. But as I mentioned in my last post, my elderly mother lives with us and I did not feel comfortable in large crowds whilst the pandemic was still happening. And so, I choose to protest in my own way. Sharing resources online, arguing with relatives on Facebook (is this what Facebook has become?) and trying to educate me.

I also took this time to shake up my “To Be Read” list. Instead of the escapism novels, I had been reading during the lockdown. I moved Akala’s Native and Brit(ish) by Afua Hirsch to the top of the list. Two books I’m ashamed to admit have been on my kindle unread for over a year. But I also added some fantasy and YA books by Black authors to my reading list, so I could still have some fantasy escapism. Like A Song of Wraith and Ruin by Roseanne A. Brown.

So where are we now?

Jason returned to work in Mid-June, still working from home. As a result, I started my admin duties again for the company at the start of July. As Britain is slowly re-opens again, with pubs and restaurants opening their doors on the 4th of July. Technically we can start venturing out again, but I do not feel comfortable going out in large crowds and so will mainly continue to mainly stay at home. Apart from getting my haircut later today!

In terms of blogging, things are much the same. I still cannot start posting about my geeky adventures in London. As my Everyday Cosplay series is mainly linked to the release of new movies. It is still on hold until cinemas properly re-open. Although, I may do a few TV shows themed posts. And due to my laziness over the last three months, my Draft folder is still filled with the unfinished blog posts!

So on the surface, it looks like nothing has changed. Apart from me.
I miss writing! I miss taking photos! And whilst, I have never been great at the social media side of blogging but I sort of miss that too. And as a result, I am trying to make more of an effort for the next month. I am trying to devote two hours each weekday to my blog. Be it writing, editing, or creating graphics. I doubt this will result in tons of blog posts, but it is my little attempt to get back out there again.

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