Bridgerton Embroidery Scene

20 Embroidery Kits for Beginners

In January, it seemed everyone became obsessed with Bridgerton! I am not ashamed to admit I fell hard into the Bridgerton fandom. Watching the series over the Xmas period and then diving headfirst into the books. However, one of the surprising side-effects from the TV show is the countries new obsession with embroidery. It seems the Netflix show has led to an increase in sales of embroidery kits in the UK. Which they are calling the Bridgeton Effect! The crafting store Hobbycraft reporting that embroidery was the most searched item on their website on 28th December. And have reported an 86% increase in the sale of embroidery kits since the show’s release. In my opinion, I think, the increase is down to two reasons. Firstly, people’s obsession with the TV show. And secondly, people looking for a new craft in Lockdown.

The Bridgerton Effect

I started cross-stitching again in Lockdown One back in April of last year. I did find it very relaxing and loved not scrolling on my phone in the evening whilst watching TV. But have never been able to complete master embroidery, as I always end up with a bird’s nest of tangled thread. However, I too became swept up with the Bridgerton Effect, and I did do some research for some beginner kits online. Whether I can stick out at this hobby, this time remains to be seen.

One of the great things with embroidery kits is they include everything you need to start a new hobby. Nearly all the kits I have included come complete with a canvas, needle, threads and an embroidery ring. And all you need to buy is a pair of small scissors. As I crafter I would recommend buying a pair of specialised embroidery scissors. Before you get started it is easy to learn the basic stitches online there are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube. And once you become hooked on the new hobby, Love Craft is a great place to buy threads and canvas. Whereas Etsy is a great place to find amazing templated (including geeky templates).

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20 Embroidery Kits for Beginners

Heart Hands
Hand Hearts (Includes the option of a virtual embroidery class)
Bridgerton Bee!
Bee (Perfect for any Bridgerton Fan)
Face Mask Pouch (Can be personalised)
Personalised Intial
Initial (Which can be personalised)
Embroidery Heart Kit
Floral Intermediate Heart (Although this kit is an Intermediate level, I’m including it as you get access to a YouTube Tutorial.)
Clock (The kit include the clock mechanism)
20 Embroidery Kits for Beginners

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