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Summer Shopping List

Last year, I planned on stepping out of my comfort zone and try writing about new things in my blog. One of the things I wanted to do was write about my season geeky looks and what I had brought. However, the pandemic hit, and I didn’t feel like blogging. This year, I thought I would try again. But, once again, the pandemic has got in the way. The truth is, I am not going out and, I am staying indoors and wearing the same old lounging gear. I am sure no one would want to read about these looks! So instead, I thought I would share my summer shopping list. Some of the products I have brought, or I am planning on buying during the summer. 

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Summer Shopping List 2021

Summer Shopping List 2021
  1. Floral Midi-Dress 
    Any regular reader of my blog will know; I have adored the idea of buying fun outfits for when I can finally meet up with my friends in a Post-Covid world. As a result, I have brought numerous dresses, which I nickname my freedom dress. This dress is my latest freedom dress!
  2. Captain America Pop Socket
    I’ve had the same phone for a while now, with the same Otterbox phone case, both of which I am happy with. Especially as I can easily switch out the Pop Socket grip. As a result, I love buying Pop Sockets based on my current fandom. As I am presently obsessed with The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, I thought this Shield was a great way to show off my fandom.
  3. Adidas Stan Smith
    I am one of those people who will always wear their Stan Smiths over the summer months. (They are just so comfortable). This year, they have released a new sustainable version, made from eco-friendly material. As my old white and rose gold pair is now looking tatty. I thought I would buy these newer versions. At first, temptation drew me to the Yoda version. But, in the end, I decided on a blue pair of trainers.
  4. Midi-Smock Dress
    When thinking about new clothes for the summer, not every dress can be a “freedom dress.” I wanted to buy a few dresses to wear every day. I was looking for something to pop on with trainers to run to the shops, but that is also comfy enough to wear whilst working from home.
  5. Nail Polish in Serene
    I discovered 516 Polish last year as part of the Black Pound Day social media campaign. A campaign to encourage buyers to shop at Black-owned businesses once a month. As soon as I saw 516’s “diversify my swatch” social media campaign, I knew this was the brand for me. Having Asian skin tones, I struggle to buy makeup online, as most of the swatches are on Caucasian skin. But seeing the same shade of nail polish in numerous skin tones at once has been a game-changer.  
  6. Star Wars Necklace
    Fulcrum Fashions is another brand I discovered from social media. A friend posted a photo of her Ahsoka bracelet on Instagram. And then I ended up down a rabbit hole looking at all their fabulous Star Wars jewellery! Several pieces appealed to me, but I love this Ahsoka necklace, which I think will look great layered with other geeky jewellery.
  7. Knitting the Galaxy
    When I was furloughed last summer, I re-discovered my love of crafting. And whilst I never really stopped knitting in recent years, I have not made as many items as I used to. But last year, I started crocheting figures from the Star Wars crochet books I have owned for years. Now I want to knit a larger project, like a sweater. So, I brought this book, hoping the Star Wars theme will encourage me to make more.
  8. Paperwhite Case
    My beloved Kindle died on me earlier this year. My husband generously brought me a replacement as an anniversary present. And one of my favourite things about getting a new gadget is buying new accessories! I opted for the plain leather case, which I am hoping to decorate with some fun stickers.
  9. Cactus Spray Mister
    One of the surprising things to come out of lockdown is I have become a crazy plant lady. It started with a few succulents and an orchid, but very quickly, my obsession grew. I have a weekly ritual that I call “Water Wednesday” when I water all my plants. To begin with, this involved taking all the plants to the bath and watering them using an old cup. But when shopping for cute planters online, I found this pretty spray can. Which I thought might be a good idea to stop my overwatering my succulents.
  10. Plant Pots
    In my new role as a crazy plant lady, I have created another ritual. I love checking on my plants each day, taking joy from finding new shoots. Proudly, displaying my new friends around the house. And in turn, this must lead to two new shopping addictions, buying new plants online and planters. Not only are these planters a beautiful colour, but they also made from recycled fishing nets and ropes.
  11. Spring Candle
    I love The White Company candles as they are so simple with a basic style that you can put them anywhere around your home. This is one of my favourite summer smells (yes, I know it’s called Spring), but it’s a light floral scent and not too heavy.
  12. SPF Face Lotion
    As London is starting to open after Lockdown Three, it is time to start thinking about heading out which, means wearing an SPF. I am one of those people who completely adapted their skincare routine over lockdown. I spend the time researching my issues and finding a new serum or lotion to deal with the problem. The La Roche-Posey SPF lotion is the one everyone seems to be raving about it. Especially for Black and Brown skin, as it blends without leaving white streaks. Plus, it also has an SPF of 50!
  13. Lip Scrub
    One side effect I have experienced in the winter chapped lips, and my regular lip balm does not seem to help. I do not know if it is due to the colder weather (that we were still experiencing in May). Or being indoors more. So, I thought I would give this Fenty scrub and lip oil duo a try.
  14. Pick ‘n’ Mix Tote Bag
    I love a tote bag and am always looking out for new fun designs! Whilst I tend to buy totes based on my favourite fandoms, I love this Woolworths design! As a child in the 80s, I loved Pick ‘n’ Mix from Woolworths as a treat. My favourites were kola cubes and pear drops. And that’s why I love this tote bag.
  15. Eye Stick in Sparkle Nude
    I have not worn make-up all year, which has led me to become lazy about wearing make-up. When I do go out, I like to wear a little eye colour and mascara. (I don’t bother with blusher or lipstick whilst wearing a face mask). My laziness has led me to look for a quick fix for eyeshadow. And as a result, I’ve become obsessed with eye shadow crayons for that fast and easy colour fix.
  16. Sandals
    During this lockdown, I have lived in slippers or converse trainers when I have gone outside. So, the idea of wearing proper shoes seems like torture for my feet. Whilst I do have my new Stan Smiths (and tons of flip-flops). I wanted to buy some pretty shoes for when I do go out! I think these sandals will look great with midi dresses and also jeans over the summer months.