Update for April 2021

April is traditional the month of spring and new beginnings. However, for the last two years, it has been the month of staying indoors. Whilst, spring this year like last year, might mainly be about dreaming for summer adventures. For me, this April did involve some hope as I got my first COVID vaccine.

Currently Watching

The Falcon and The Winter Solider

Fridays in April were all about watching the newest episode of The Falcon and The Winter Solider. Due to the time difference, I got to watch the latest episode at a decent time. Unlike with Game of Thrones that I would watch at 2 am! But I ended up developing a little routine of waking earlier and getting ready for 8 am. When I settled down to watch the programme. Of course, more often than, not I woke late and ended up ordering breakfast! I loved this series as it reminded me of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is one of the favourite Marvel movies. Of course, this Friday morning routine will continue in May, when I watch the Star Wars: Bad Batch.


Continuing my theme of re-watching old comedy series, I decided to re-watch Scrubs. Again, this is the ideal show for me as it’s easy to watch without having to concentrate and I can enjoy it whilst crafting or journalling.

Currently Reading

The Ingenious, and the Colour of Life by J.Y.Sam

Booksirens send me a copy of Ingenious and the Colour of Life to review and it was the first book I finished in April. The book centres around three children in London, each from different backgrounds. The three children are brought together for their safety after another boy and girl go missing. Quickly they are thrown into a world of secret government projects and hidden bunkers as they try to find the missing children. I just loved J Y Sam’s writing style she makes it easy to fall in love with each of the children. Another thing Sam does an excellent job of is world-building, and it is easy to get absorbed into her world. And I especially loved the chapter about Mei Hei’s life.

The Faraway Collection (Various Authors)

One of my favourite types of book is the re-telling of Fairytales. And that’s why I wanted to read the Faraway collection despite not being familiar with the authors involved in this collection. There are five short stories all of which can be read in under an hour, so it’s a great mini read for commuting. In the series, my favourite stories are The Wickeds and The Princess Game.

The Dark Lady by Akala

One of my most anticipated book of the year is The Dark Lady. So much so that I cleared some free time in my schedule over the weekend to read it.  The Dark Lady is Akala debut novel, set in Elizabethan London, and centres around Henry, a young mixed-race boy living in the slums with a magical gift. I am planning on writing a full review for this book later this month.

Currently Playing

Animal Crossing: New Horizon

As I mentioned in my round-up for March, I wanted to re-start Animal Crossing: New Horizon from the beginning. Which I finally did in April. For me, the early part of any Animal Crossing game is the beginning, planning your island, trying to complete the collections for the museum, and finding the perfect villagers! This month I have loved starting over, going on Mystery Island tours to find my ideal neighbours (I found Molly on my second day). Once again playing the Stalk Market to earn enough money to pay off my mortgage. And flower breeding to get all the fun flower colours although, I am not sure I will ever get the blue rose!

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