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A Quick Life Update for January 2023

Currently January 2023

In my attempt to blog more in 2023, I’m bringing back my “currently” series, giving a quick monthly update on my geeky life. Whilst January was short on geeky adventures, I did find a lot of time to watch TV and read.

Currently Reading… 

Last summer, I had a weird time reading. I was in a reading slump, and at the same time kept adding books to my TBR. As a result, I didn’t hit my Reading Challenge target. So this year, I am trying to work on my TBR. My first aim is to read all the series on my list.

Currently Watching…


In the Review of the Year post, I mentioned that I didn’t get a new obsession in 2022. I am certainly making up for it now! At the start of January, I thought I would finally start watching the Yellowstone franchise. I began with 1883 and immediately fell in love with the Duttons. I quickly became obsessed with Elsa, the daughter, with no fear and a wild sense of adventure. The prequel follows the family as they leave Fort Worth and head towards Oregon for a new start. As this is almost like a televisation of the Oregon Trail, the show is packed with adventure.


Then I moved on to 1923 and was annoyed to discover the series was on hiatus. With only four episodes released, it was enough for me to fall in love with a new generation of Duttons. Unlike 1883, this programme is set on the Yellowstone ranch during the prohibition era. The series gives an insight into how the Dutton clan made their money. As much as I hated the open ending, and cannot wait to see how this series ends.


Then I moved on to Yellowstone, the neo-western that started the franchise. I have always been a fan of westerns and gritty family sagas, so I am surprised it has taken me so long to watch the series! But I am making up for it, binging the whole franchise in a few weeks. Yes, I am still loving this generation of Duttons!

The Masked Singer

I get obsessed with The Masked Singer every January. It is my guilty pleasure TV programme. Each weekend, I sit down with my notebook and pen, making detailed notes about everything, trying to guess who is behind the mask!

The Bad Batch

I’ve talked before about how I get to have a morning routine on Wednesday, to order breakfast and watch the newest programme on Disney+. For January, that show has been The Bad Batch. It is lovely to have Omega and the team return to the screen for this little ritual.

The Last of Us

Confession time, I never played The Last of Us games. However, I heard all the hype about this programme, so I decided to watch it. Am I so glad I did! Episode three, on its own, is worth the hype!

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Monthly Buys

Monthly Buys for January 2023
Pat McGrath Labs x Star Wars eyeshadow palette

I adore a fandom make-up collaboration! I actually have a Pinterest board dedicated to some of my favourite collabs. Whilst this Star Wars-inspired collection Pat McGrath isn’t among my favourites. I love The Golden One palette. I’m not a fan of eyeshadow palettes, as there is always one colour I don’t like. However, this palette by Pat McGrath is beautiful. All five shades are something I would wear.

Coco Mademoiselle Purse Spray

I saw an inspirational post on Instagram about not saving things for a special day. To encourage you to use all those notebooks and stickers. Burn your favourite candles and wear that expensive perfume. Since then, I have worn my favourite perfume every day. I love this mini version of Coco Mademoiselle to carry around with me and for travelling.

Pandora ME Ring

As I completed my self-assessment taxes this month, I wanted to treat myself to a little reward. For a long time, I have wanted to get some stacking rings, to wear on my right hand. After seeing an Instagram advert for this ring from Pandora, I knew it would be a great starter ring for my collection. (Yes, I did succumb to an Instagram advert, and I felt awful for it).   

Captain Candy Heart Shirt

Friday’s Apparel is one of my favourite small geeky businesses. I brought a Kylo Ren-themed sweatshirt from them back in 2020 that I lived in during the colder months in lockdown. I am always looking for another cosy shirt for my wardrobe. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, they released a cute collection. My favourite item is this Captain America-inspired design.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse 

After watching the animated adaption of The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse over Christmas, I wanted to buy my own copy of this book. The book blurb describes Charlie Mackesy’s work is both a work of art and a though-provoking story. This is so true. The beautifully illustrated story will make you feel like this book is hugging you whilst making you laugh and cry.

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