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Halloween 2017 in London

There are loads of fun events taking place in London for Halloween 2017.  But I have found a few fun things to do with an interesting twist for Halloween this year. These five events are all based on TV shows or movies, making them ideal for geeks.

Geek Girls Guide to Halloween 2017 in London.
  1. WB Studio Tour
    What is more Halloween than Harry Potter? The WB Studio Tour just outside London will be celebrating the Dark Arts all throughout October. With the Great Hall decorated with floating pumpkins, recreating the Halloween scene from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. On top of that over the Halloween weekend, they are hosting Hogwarts after Dark, a Halloween feast in the great hall.Halloween at Hogwarts
  2. Halloween Edible Cinema
    The Edible Cinema offers a different movie adventure, rather than just experiencing the movie via your visual and audio senses, they add the elements of taste and smell. For Halloween, they are staging a showing of Beetlejuice at several the Everyman Cinemas around London. The tasting menu features numbered boxes to be opened throughout the movie to heighten your experience.
  3. Supper Club UK presents The Red Wedding
    The Supper Club UK is hosting an interactive dining experience based on the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones. On the 31st October, they will create an immersive dining experience based on the eventful wedding feast. The evening will include a five-course meal, music, and actors recreating the iconic feast.
  4. The Walking Dead Maze at Thrope Park
    As part of their Fright Nights at Thorpe Park for 2017, they have added an attraction based on The Walking Dead. Featuring two mazes (one indoor and one outside) fans of the zombie apocalypse programme can experience several scenes from the show facing off against the un-dead and Negan. The park also has a feature based on the SAW movies.
  5. Hitchcock Themed Afternoon Tea
    If you are looking for something a little less scary, but still with a Halloween twist. The Royal Lancaster Hotel has a Hitchcock Themed Afternoon Tea. Alongside the traditional finger sandwiches and scones, they are serving sweet treats based on classic Hitchcock movies like Cursed Blackbird Macaroon and Psycho Marbled Lollipops.
My Hacks
  • If you are looking for a Halloween party or club night, check out Design My Night, they have tons of listing for the Halloween weekend in London, from Silent Discos to a prison-themed pop-up called Alcotraz.
  • For ideas of Halloween actives with children, LondonTown.com has a list of family fun over half term. Including, pumpkin carving and sleepover in a museum.
  • If you are not in London for Halloween but want to add a scary element to your stay, Visit London has a list of 13 Spooky things to do in the capital from Jack the Ripper walking tours to Haunted pubs.

Geek Girls Guide to Halloween 2017 in London


Five Fandom Friday


Characters I Want To Dress Up As For Halloween
  1. Batgirl

    Batgirl! by starspy featuring yellow gloves

    An obvious choice really,  I love the new Batgirl of Burnside costume, purple leather jacket and yellow doc martins! What is not to love about this new costume?

  2. Sadness (Inside Out)

    Sadness by leslieakay featuring American Eagle Outfitters

    As I wear a lot of blue, I have joked that I look like Sadness (if I still wore glasses I think it would be my nickname). Disneybound (I love this blog) has done an amazing version of this everyday cosplay of this character.

  3. Angela Chase (My So Called Life)
    Channeling Angela Chase

    As fashion is cyclical, a lot of the clothes I see in shop now are similar to what I wore as a teenager, and back then I just wanted to dress like Angela Chase (with the boyfriend that looked like Jordan Catalano).

  4. Mary Margaret (Once Upon A Time)
    Mary Margaret Blanchard Outfit - Lonely Hunter

    Mary Margaret Blanchard Outfit – Lonely Hunter by missmerfaery featuring shirts & blouses

    During the first season of OUAT, Mary Margaret had the most amazing wardrobe, floral skirts, pretty blouses, cozy scarves and lace berets.

  5. Peggy Carter (MCU)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCA2F96-ulo

    1940’s style icon who can also hold her own! Who wouldn’t want to be Agent Carter? In the first episode alone she had an iconic blue suit and red hat to that stunning white evening gown!

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5 Favourite Things About Halloween


Five Things I Love About Halloween
    1. My Birthday: The Halloween traditions in our family are going to be a little different than most you see Halloween is an extra special day for me as it is also my birthday!
      Halloween Decorations
    2. Decorations: I love decorating the house for any occasion, and this day is a double whammy for me, so it is fair to say the decorations in our home at a little over the top. This is our bedroom from a few years ago!
    3. Halloween Themed Food: In the States they seem to really embrace “Halloween” themed food, luckily this is a trend that it catching on in the U.K. I’ve noticed Cadbury and Kipling’s both do Halloween variations of their products.
    4. Cadbury’s Screme Eggs: Which brings me to my fourth favourite thing. Cadbury’s Creme Eggs used to be reserved for Easter, but a few years ago they introduced a Halloween variation with a gooey green filling, so now I get to enjoy my favourite chocolate later in the year.
    5. Catching up with Family & Friends: As well as having my birthday at the end of October, I have several friends and family members with birthdays around then, so it is always a perfect time to meet-up, gossip, and celebrate.

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5 Favourite Things About Autumn


  1. Pumpkins – I have mentioned before how I love going to the pumpkin patch at the beginning of October to buy decorations for the house, I also stock up on canned pumpkin purée for cooking. I hate pumpkin pie, but love experimenting with other recipes, cheesecake, muffins and cupcakes. This year I want to try to make pumpkin pancakes.
  2. PSL– following on from loving pumpkin flavours food, I am obsessed with Pumpkin Spice Latte’s. Oddly the drink has only been available in the Starbucks in UK for the last three years, before that I had to order the syrup online or binge drink them when we were on vacation in America. When we went to Las Vegas I even brought I drink at the airport before collecting my suitcase from the carousel.
    Finished Gretel
  3. Berets – autumn is all about layers, I do love scarves and chunky cardigans, but for me autumn is all about the beret. Every year I like to knit myself a new hat (normally a beret) in the new colour of the season. This weekend I will take my hats out of storage (I put them away over the summer in a box with lavender bags) ready for the colder months.
  4. Birthdays – Yes I know you can have a birthday at anytime of year but both my husband and I celebrate our birthdays during the autumn, just a few weeks apart. This means that from the end of October to mid-November our calendar is filled with outings for our birthdays. Over the last few years we have both celebrated big birthdays so this has involved a vacation, but normally its a few meals, maybe an afternoon tea and lots of cocktails!
    Halloween Afternoon Tea
  5. My birthday actually falls on Halloween (my final favourite thing about autumn), this means that a lot of activities around my birthday have a Halloween theme – which I love! It also gives me an excuse to decorate the house in Halloween/birthday hybrid of decorations!

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(P)inspirational- Pumpkin Crafts


I’ve noticed a trend on blogs to decorate homes ready for this time of year – a sort of pre-Halloween decoration. I love this idea, slowly I have added some trinkets around our house – mainly mini pumpkins and pumpkin-spiced scented candles. These are a few of my favourite pumpkin crafts.

I actually made these little pumpkins last fall, when I planned on starting my new autumn tradition. The free pattern from The Sitting Tree is a lovely, quick knit so add some autumn love to your home.

Most of us have a jar full of buttons with no idea what we are going to do with them (I’m assuming button stashes grow with yarn stashes), this lovely picture was designed, as a project to do with children – but it is so effective I think it would great added to anyone’s fall decorations.

Finally, show your Pumpkin Spiced Latte love with this embroidered cute PSL mug by Wild Olive (she’s also made a brooch version).

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Birthday Treats

Happy Halloween

This past week marked my favourite holiday, Halloween. We adore this time of year and decorate the house as we would at Christmas… The reason why I love Halloween, because it’s also my birthday!

Cake! @ The Langham

I had an amazing weekend, spend time with my family, got spoilt and ate a ridiculous amount (including two afternoon teas).

Sokkusu-O Fall Foilage

To celebrate my birthday, I am holding a little competition to give away this Sokkusu-O yarn (exclusively dyed for the Lace Club) and some goodies from the Brit Knit Kit, and all you have to do is comment below telling my what’s your favourite holiday – you have until the 15th November and the winner will be chosen at random.

Also I haven’t done a #yarnpadc for November, but I am working on a yarn/winter/Christmas version for December.



Pumpkin Patch

I am not ashamed to admit I am obsessed with pumpkins, I adore Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, pumpkin pie (and cheesecake) and this weekend I even dragged Jason along to a Pumpkin Patch! I love the idea of decorating our house with pumpkins – not just for Halloween but for the whole of autumn!

Little Pumpkin

When I saw this pattern on pinterest I knew I had to create some knitted pumpkins to mix in with my munchkins from the pumpkin patch. As I managed to knit one of these in an hour, I sat down on over the weekend and watched The Hobbit (again) and created my own mini pumpkin patch.

Little Pumpkins


Birthday Weekend

Birthdays are a really big deal in our house, Jason’s birthday and mine are fortnight apart, so for the three weeks from the end of October we have a birthday festival. Hence why a lot of things on our Fall Bucket List revolved around celebrating birthdays.


My festivities started last Thursday with a pampering session, mani/pedi and a haircut… my pretty birthday toes, it is a shame it’s too cold to show them off!

Halloween Afternoon Tea

Having my birthday on Halloween, we also make a big deal of this – decorating the house and eating a lot of halloween candy. This year we wanted to celebrate all the “holidays” over the autumn, Halloween, Guy Fawkes night and Thanksgiving (being British we were in this one just for the food!), However, we are going to a 40th Birthday party over the weekend so it looks like we won’t be able to go to any fireworks displays, not to be done out of a list item we decided to change this option to having a Halloween Afternoon Tea. We found several places in London that were doing themed Teas, but opted for the Podium @ the Hilton, Park Lane. Isn’t it cute ghost cookies, “blood” orange cupcakes and mini witches hats.

Birthday Cocktails

A birthday celebration needs a cocktail (or two), and the Hilton has an amazing bar on the 28th Floor overlooking Hyde Park. Unfortunately it was too dark up there to take decent photos.

Birthday Treats

No birthday is complete without some birthday treats, it seems some members of my family have been reading my blog as I was presented with what seems like most the Kate Spade shop on Monday morning.


One of the other birthday list items, was having a meal, Jason picked Inamo for my birthday dinner. I love the idea of this restaurant instead of having a waiter take your order you use the interactive tables to select your food, drinks and even the bill. Whilst you are waiting for your food you can even play games.

Birthday/Halloween Cupcakes
Finally, CAKE! Halloween Cupcakes from Beverly Hills Bakery

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Birthday Surprises

I am a little late posting this but I have been busy working on a few secret things. (More about one of those later). Last month was my birthday, who knew 35 would be such a memorable one.

As my birthday is on Halloween, the festivities always start the night before as we decorate the house, this year we were up until 1am blowing up balloons. Surprisingly I was up early the next morning. When Jason and I headed to Westfield for him to buy me a present (which is becoming a bit of a tradition), what I didn’t know was my mum and sister had also given him some money to buy me a present. So when I was picking which bag I wanted he encouraged me to buy the matching wallet, and then produced a card explaining everything. I nearly cried in the shop.

JasonToo calm myself down we headed to the champagne bar.

Then we took a pause from the celebrating to watch the football in the pub, at one stage we looked into getting tickets to the game (as Liverpool were playing just down the road), but they were too expensive (over £150 each) so we settled for watching the game in the pub. I am glad we didn’t go as Liverpool had an awful game and lost.

Then we popped home for some more champagne and cake with my mum and sister. No baking this time (the cake was from Marks & Spencer), but this cake reminded my of the birthday cakes I had as a child.

There are numerous restaurants in London I dream of going to but without a doubt I have always wanted to go to Nobu, and my birthday seemed to be the ideal opportunity.

I tried to take photos of every course unfortunately I forgot about this starter so you will have to imagine what the oysters looked like, but you can view the rest of our meal here.

Knit Nation

Now remember that secret project I was talking about – well you might have seen the advert in knitting magazines or seen the news on Ravelry but Alice and Cookie A are organising a major knitting event here in London next summer, and I was lucky enough to be asked to design their blog.

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