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(P)inspiration- Stranger Things

All week on my Facebook page, I have highlighted some of the  Stranger Things posts from some of my fellow geeky bloggers. Today, I am rounding my some of the posts for you to “pin” for future reference. I think these projects would be great for viewing party this weekend.

(P)inspiration – Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a great show to cosplay! It is even easier to everyday cosplay the characters. You can easily re-create an outfit with, a retro 80’s t-shirt, trucker cap, and converse shoes. This week, the Geeky Fashion Blogger Alliance on Instagram have showcased Stranger Things everyday cosplay. It’s amazing to see all the fabulous creations.  Be sure to check out their account for future style challenges.

Stranger Things Cupcakes

Over at Popcorner Reviews, Monica has created the cutest cupcakes. Decorated with themes from the programme. Using cereal to create Eleven’s favourite waffles. Or icing and M&M’s to make Joyce’s bright coloured holiday lights. Along with “Eggos” waffles, they would be ideal for a dessert buffet.

Stranger Things Nails WrapsI was really hoping to find a tutorial for some Stranger Things nail art. But I couldn’t find anything cute. Fortunately, Espionage Cosmetics have some adorable Holiday Lights nail wraps. Originally,  designed for wearing over the Christmas holidays, I think they would be perfect for your Stranger Things viewing party.

Stranger Things CocktailsFinally, what is a viewing party with out a themed cocktail! Luckily Danielle at From Girlie to Nerdy has created the Upside Down Blackberry Smash. A fruity cocktail, that uses coloured vodka and fresh berries to represent the alternate dimension!

Stranger Things Pinspiration

Are you having a viewing party this weekend? Or just binge watching the show as quickly as possible?

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Everyday Cosplay: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Everyday CosplayI can’t believe this weekend, the Wonder Woman movie will be released? We are finally getting to see the Amazonian princess in her own live action film. We have been planning this weekend for weeks. Where will we see the film? Where are we going to eat afterwards? (What do warriors eat?) and of course what will I wear to the screening!

The idea for this ensemble is based around the jeans. As soon as I saw them they immediately reminded me of Wonder Woman’s star patterned shorts. I wanted to incorporate them into a themed everyday cosplay. The rest of the outfit has it’s inspiration is from on the comic book version of Wonder Woman’s outfit. With a hint of the DC Bombshells costume.

I intended this cosplay to wear to a screening of the Wonder Woman movie, so included the logo top. However for a more everyday look, a plain red t-shirt would work just as well. Love and Madness are fast becoming my favourite jewellery brand. I loved their Star Wars collection and the Sword of Athena is just as amazing.

Wonder Woman Everyday Cosplay

T-shirt // Belt // Cuff // Bandana
Jeans // Lipstick // Necklace // Coin Purse
Shoes // Earrings


Are you excited to see the Wonder Woman movie? Are you planning on dressing up, I’d love to see you outfits.


Everyday Cosplay: K-2SO

For the last part of my Rogue One cosplay series I have decided to do K-2SO. Droids are an amazing part of the Star Wars stories. From the original R2-D2 and C-3PO to the newer fan favourite BB-8.

Rogue One Everyday Cosplay
Jyn Erso || Dir. Krennic



When thinking about cosplay, your first thought might not be to use a droid as your inspiration. I have seen some amazing droid based cosplay over the years. One of my all time favourite everyday cosplay is the Disneybound C-3PO outfit.

BB-8 has also provided the basis for some amazing cosplay this year. Online I have seen a kimono inspired dress, several fabulous variations for Dapper Day. And of course the adorable little BB-SK8. Will K-2SO be as popular next year? I think he might.

Necklace // Bracelet // Trousers // Jacket // Top // Shoes // Bag

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Everyday Cosplay: Director Krennic

Next up in my Everyday Cosplay to mark the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Is Director Krennic, one of the villains from the movie. The Star Wars films have a history of great villains, and I think Orson Krennic will join this rank.

Rogue One Everyday Cosplay
Jyn Erso || K-2SO

Director Krennic

Director Krennic Outfit

As villians Kylo Ren, Captian Phasma, and Darth Vader as amongst fan favourites. In turn their characters have produced some of the greatest cosplay. Some of the best cosplay I saw at Star Wars Celebrations were Spider Maul ( Cyborg Darth Maul), and “Matt the Technician” aka Kylo Ren.

Director Krennic Description

As I said I think Director Krennic will become one of great Star Wars villains. The ambitious head of the Imperial Research Division, his costume is similar to that of the Grand Moff uniforms from A New Hope. His Imperial uniform is cream instead of grey with the addition of the amazing cape.

Director Krennic

Brooch // Gloves // Tunic // Cape // Boots // Belt // Trousers

Rogue One Everyday Cosplay
Jyn Erso |

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Everyday Cosplay: Jyn Erso

Who else is excited for the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, this week? I have stated numerous times on my blog, how excited I am about the release of this film. As a child watching A New Hope, one of the first things I saw on the screen in the opening crawl. Is mentions “the group of rebel spies that steal the secret plans to the Death Star. Now we can find out what happened to this group.
The closer we get to the release, the more my excitement grows. We brought my tickets for the midnight showing several weeks ago. I planned my outfit for the opening night months ago. I am wearing a Her Universe dress. But I thought I would create a few everyday cosplay outfits for some of the characters in the movie.

Jyn Erso

Jyn Erso Outfit

When we were at Star Wars Celebrations. We had a chance to see some of the costumes and props from the film. In the exhibit, next to each costume was a card listing all the aspects of the outfit. This display card was idea for cosplayer to get all the details of the costumes. They also were ideal to help for plan these outfits.

Jyn Erso Description
First of is Jyn. From the moment I saw the teaser trailer for Rogue One, in April I have loved Jyn as a character. The more footage from the film I see the more I want to get to know this newest female hero from the franchise.

Jyn Erso

Necklace // Bracelet // Top // Jacket // Boots // Scarf // Trousers

Rogue One Everyday Cosplay
Director Krennic | K2SO

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link.