Pinspiration – Captain Marvel

Last year in the run-up to the release of Avengers: Infinity War, I wrote a weekly series, where I showcased some of my favourite pins from Pinterest based on individual Avengers. To update the series for Avengers: End Game. I thought I would list some of my favourite crafts inspired by the newest Avenger, Captain Marvel.

Drinks Made Easy is a great Youtube channel with simple easy to follow instructions to make tons of great classic cocktails. They also have some fun pop cultured themed drinks, like this Captain Marvel cocktail. Made by layering blue curacao and grenadine and topped with a pineapple star!

Captain Marvel Shag Rug Cake
Shag Rug Cake by Popcorner Reviews

I had not heard of a shag rug cake before seeing Popcorner Reviews, Captain Marvel inspired version. Cleverly decorating the cake using piped icing, to create the iconic design. (She has also included a template to help you decorate your own cake).

Goose Cake Pops
Goose Cakepops by Party City

If you don’t fancy making a large cake, how about some Goose cake pops! Party City’s tutorial has step by step instructions to create these cute mini cat shaped cakes. They also have some other tips and products if you are looking to have a Captain Marvel themed party.

Corps-Inspired Dress
Carol Corps dress by Elhoffer Designs

I included several of Elhoffer Design’s dresses in my post on Everyday Cosplay. But I was saving this amazing Carol Corps inspired dress for this post! I just love the fit and flare style of this dress, it would be a great addition to your geek chic wardrobe!

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The Avengers Logo and Captain Marvel Images Copyright © Marvel Studio