5FF: Top Five MCU Relationships

You may have seen The Sartorial Geek has updated the Five Friday Fandom prompts for 2021! But seeing as I have half-written most of the posts for April 2020 sitting in my draft folder. So, I am continuing with the prompts from last year. For this week, I am discussing my Top MCU Relationships. This could mean romantic relationships but, I have decided to include all types of relationships. As you will see from my list, I have added friendships, a father/daughter relationship, and a romantic one.

Spoiler Warning!
This post will be discussing MCU movies and TV shows over the last ten years.
So please be aware this post contains spoilers.

Top MCU Relationships

1. Steve & Bucky

Top MCU Relationships - Steve & Bucky

Without a doubt, the best friendship in the MCU is that of Steve and Bucky! A relationship that can be summed up with one quote, “I’m with you ‘til the end of the line.” At the start of Captain America: The First Avenger, we set up the relationship of these two young men growing up together in Brooklyn. When Steve hears Bucky has been captured, this is the catalyst for him to break the rules. In the post-war years, Captain America is shocked to discover his childhood friend is still alive. And Steve spends the events of the subsequent two movies trying to help his friend. In Captain America: Civil War, we have a lovely scene exploring their friendship again when they travel to Siberia. Once Bucky is cured, the two friends are reunited just before the Battle of Wakanda. And ultimately, they are separated again in the Blip! 

2. Scott & Cassie

Top MCU Relationships - Scott & Cassie

In the first Ant-Man movie, Scott Lang’s motivation has always been his daughter. He agrees to become Ant-Man for the cash to make sure he can continue to see his daughter. I love their interactions in the movie especially, at her birthday party, when he gives her the ugly toy. And this relationship grows more in the sequel when she hints at becoming his sidekick. In The Avengers: End Game when, Scott returns from the Quantum Realm to discover The Blip, one of his first thoughts is for Cassie. And we have the scene where he realises she isn’t missing but thinks he is. Although she isn’t really in this movie, we do have the end scene of a grown-up Cassie and Scott together hinting at what could come.

3. T’Challa & Oyoke

T'Challa and Okoye (Top MCU Relationships)

This is another untraditional MCU relationship, is that of the King of Wakanda and his bodyguard. But her loyalty to her king is what makes this relationship so interesting. I would love to see more of Okoye’s backstory on screen, but what I love about her character is her love of both king and country. In Black Panther, after King T’Challa ‘dies’ after this battle with Killmonger, Okoye (and the rest of the Dora Milaje) stay loyal to Wakanda. We know from her conversation with Nakia that Okoye is conflicted about having to side with Killmonger. Ultimately, she must remain faithful to the crown. However, once Black Panther returns, Okoye takes her place once again at his side. 

4. Wanda & Vision

WandaVision (5 Fandom Friday)

I don’t think I need to say anything about this relationship! Anyone who watched WandaVisiosn will understand why I adore this couple! For me personally, I didn’t really like their relationship a lot in the MCU movies. But on the TV show, their relationship shone through and created one of the most tragic love stories I’ve seen onscreen.

5. The Falcon & The Winter Solider

Top MCU Relationships - The Falcon and The Winter Solider

Yes, I know Bucky is on the list twice. But I don’t care!
My love of the Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes friendship started in Captain America: Civil War. With the scene in the car when they watched the awkward kiss between Sharon and Steve. It grew when I watched them fight side by side against Spider-Man in the same movie. Obviously, where my love for this relationship really bloomed is during The Falcon & The Winter Solider TV series. 

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